Zainab Khatoon

Year of Graduation: 2008 and 2009

  • Course LLB and Legal Practice Course
  • School University of Wolverhampton Law School
  • Nationality British
  • Career industry Law
  • Current job title Business development manager and solicitor

University is the best stepping stone for your career development - embrace it and enjoy.

The amazing lecturers Professor Gregory and Stuart Williams had so much passion for their courses, it made those lectures enjoyable. My favourite to date has to be the explanation of the Donoghue v Stevens the snail in the bottle case - 12 years later and I still remember it!
Having completed my LLB allowed me to enter the legal profession, and the core modules provided a good outline on the legal issues (those that I can remember) for my sector. Company Law and Contract Law is so widely practiced in the legal sector that no matter which area of law you advance in it is useful.
My role includes: Introduction of the firm services to potential clients. Heading the firm's business development activity - hosting and attending events. Possessions - Residential property (from pre-action to actual possession of the property). Ground rent and service charge arrears recovery. Providing clients advice on any queries they may have in relation to Landlord & Tenant Law.
Growing with a newly established firm has been a motivational experience. The commitment from the whole team and watching the firm expand year by year makes the stressful days worth it.
Don't give up! I had a break from legal practice but that doesn't mean you can't go back to it. Don't put too much pressure on yourself and put you first always.