Andria Anthimou

Year of Graduation: 2016

  • Course BA Accounting and Finance
  • School University of Wolverhampton Business School
  • Nationality Cypriot
  • Career industry Finance
  • Current job title Payment coordinator
  • Current Company Mauve Group (Paphos)

As an international student, I appreciated the chance to study abroad and see new places, learn new ways of studying and meet people from different countries. I enjoyed hanging out with them and learned to speak better English.

My favourite memory from the University of Wolverhampton is actually my dissertation tutor who was also teaching us modules like taxation. She was a very kind person and cared about her students. She was always willing to help and answer any questions. In my last year I remember that I didn't have a lot of time to study for the final exams, and because taxation was my favourite subject I didn't study almost at all and I got a grade of only 52, if I remember well. However, I wasn't disappointed so much for me but instead for Mrs. Lisa because I knew she believed in me.
Here in Cyprus it's hard to get a job that pays well, especially in the accounting sector. Luckily, Cypriot employers appreciate people who studied in United Kingdom so my course helped me find a job really quickly. Also, I currently work at an international company and there were three vacancies available when I first applied and they chose me over the other two people who studied in Cyprus for the best vacancy because of my degree in Accounting and Finance.
I run the UK payroll for 70 employees who are employed by Mauve Group and pay their salaries and everything relevant. I also have another four countries that I manage salary and tax payments for. I invoice the clients for the salary costs etc. and I also do the bank balancing every day.
My career highlight to date I believe is my current position as a payment coordinator at an international company. It's really rare to find an international company here in Paphos, but not only that; I learned a lot of things about bank transactions, VAT, and invoicing, and I am still learning everyday.
I would advise a potential student to study, study, and study. It's really important to learn and ensure a bright future. I would recommend to try and get a grade of 2:1 as I regret that I got only 2:2 because for some jobs it matters.