Adnan Ali Cassim

Year of Graduation: 2016

  • Course BA Business Management
  • Nationality Sri Lankan
  • Career industry Media
  • Current job title Deputy Chief Sub Editor
  • Current Company Ceylon Newspapers Private Limited, Colombo, Sri Lanka

University was the best time of my life. It taught me to be a better person. I learned a great deal and made lifelong friends. Enjoy your time in university and don't leave room for regrets!

My fondest memory was preparing for group presentations and brainstorming with my peers. We would meet up at Coffee Bean after work, which is the Sri Lankan equivalent of going to Starbucks, and have a brief chat about what went on that day, before skimming through as many case studies as possible to stimulate our thoughts. We would then combine that knowledge with the practical experience at work and start typing away until midnight while sipping on our favourite coffee. The lecturers always praised our efforts and gave us constructive feedback. We used to head to the cinema after finishing our presentation for a little R & R. Most of my batchmates are overseas, but we make it a point to stay in touch on WhatsApp and Zoom and help each other.
I gained a thorough understanding about the business world and learnt concepts that are applicable to this very day. In addition, the course taught me discipline and time management, as we were expected to submit assignments by the deadline, which mirrors the workplace, where there is a strict turnaround time for all projects. The course also taught me to think on my feet and trust my intuition. Another thing that is noteworthy is that I learnt to work with tight budgets. We didn't have much money when we were undergraduates, but we still managed to keep our expenses in check and finish strong.
- Rewriting and editing copies to improve readability and impact. - Devising attention-grabbing headlines. - Reviewing copies for grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, accuracy and compliance with quality standards. - Communicating with reporters to assess stories and improve quality of work. - Collaborating with photographers to find eye-catching images. - Monitoring breaking news for information on incidents, events and topics of interest. - Determining readiness of written pieces, making changes and approving final versions for publication. - Compiling International Pages.
I was recently appointed Deputy Chief Sub Editor at Ceylon Today (local daily). I joined the company as a Trainee Sub Editor 4 years ago. Through hard work, patience, and dedication I rose through the ranks. It is worth mentioning that the writing and communication skills that I learnt in University set me up for success. This was complemented by the excellent training that I received from my line managers, who always believed in me.
Believe in yourself. Don't let pessimists and negative ad peddlers prevent you from realising your true potential. Learn to take constructive feedback from your lecturers and batchmates, you'll go a long way. Be humble and respect others irrespective of their race, religion, nationality, or caste. Leave your personal problems at the door. Learn to smile and carry on, no matter what challenges are thrown at you.