Pre-registration courses:

Important information about our Nursing and Midwifery Courses – Previous study

If you have previously commenced a professional course (e.g Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Radiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Paramedic Science) it is important that you make us aware of this.  You will need to provide the name of the Institution at which you studied, provide a reference from them and also supply a record (transcripts) of your progression within the previous course(s) that you studied.  Please contact health-enquiries@wlv.ac.uk.  

Please Note

Please note we will not accept applicants onto our professional courses who have been unsuccessful at other institutions of higher education.

Are you a registered nurse?

If you are a registered nurse looking to further your career, find out about our post registration coursespostgraduate courses or visit our continuing education section for more details.

The MSc Nursing aims to develop you as a Registered Nurse (RN) to be a flexible and adaptable practitioner, enabling you to engage in new ways of working in relation to health care priorities, and lead and develop practice to ensure patient safeguarding.

Find out more about the MSc Nursing

If you have been out of nursing practice for three years or more you may be eligible to undertake the Return to Nursing course. Find out more about our Return to Nursing course or read our frequently asked questions.

Click here to watch a short video on Returning to Nurisng.

Health visitors are passionate, inspiring individuals who have real influence within their role to make a difference to communities, children and young people. If you are interested in children and families and want to make a difference in people’s lives, then health visiting is the career for you.

You will play a fundamental role in the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme, preventing social exclusion and deprivation, reducing inequalities and tackling key health priorities, such as obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse among others. For more information on a career in Health Visiting visit the NHS West Midlands website.

For the those without a degree see BSc (Hons) Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Health Visiting) (Top Up) for more information and to apply.

If you have a health-related degree see Postgraduate Diploma Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Health Visiting) for more information and to apply.

Before you place an enquiry with the Institute of Health Professions, you may find that your questions can be answered by our FAQ section. Please also view our IoH Nursing and Midwifery Information Sheet for further information on our Nursing and Midwifery courses.