Monday 22 December 2014

Christmas Television and Festive Fare

Christmas is a major time for all television channels. From the beginning of the autumn season the television schedules build up to the crescendo of Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


Monday 01 December 2014

Soap Operas and Public Service Television

Soap Opera and Popular Drama are not the first genres which come to mind when thinking of Public Service Broadcasting.


Friday 21 November 2014

That Sainsbury’s Christmas ad - Fact, Fiction and Football

“My personal view is that I don’t think it is appropriate and that I am uneasy at using the First World War to sell groceries, no matter how sensitively it is done or that it involves giving some monies to the Royal British Legion. I simply don’t like it.


Friday 07 November 2014

“I never saw him play but we were the best of friends for years” - The pseudo-social relationships of Football Manager

As the latest version of the ultimate football management simulation, Football Manager 2015, hits the streets two University of Wolverhampton academics share their love of the series which even led them to research the relationships gamers struck up with the virtual football world and its players.


Friday 31 October 2014

Halloween Uncovered

The 31st October is a date that today tends to be associated with ‘Trick or Treat’, carved pumpkins and a night that ghosts roam the earth, but rarely is there a consideration of where it started and how it evolved.


Thursday 30 October 2014

Is the new JLR plant the ‘crowning glory’ for the West Midlands?

With huge fanfare the new JLR plant is opening today (Oct 30, 2014) at the i54. Britain's newest car plant is strategically situated at the junction between Wolverhampton's Stafford Road and the M54, just a couple of miles away from the M6. It is, says the local Express and Star, 'the crowning glory for the West Midlands'.


Friday 05 September 2014

Lord Richard Attenborough: Actor, Producer, Director and Phenomenal Creative Executive

Lord Richard Attenborough died on 24th August and we lost an actor, producer, director, whose many achievements are well known and audiences can see his performances in many films, including In Which We Serve, Brighton Rock, The Great Escape, Jurassic Park, Miracle on 34th Street, or we can see his skills as a Director in Oh What a Lovely War and his Oscar winning production of Ghandi followed by Cry Freedom.


Wednesday 20 August 2014

How the stress of playing chess can be fatal

The death of a chess player in the middle of a match at the world’s most prestigious competition may have shocked those who view the game as a relaxing pastime. Kurt Meier, 67, collapsed during his final match in the tournament and died in hospital later that day. But chess, like any other game or sport, can lead to an immense amount of stress, which can be bad for a competitor’s physical health too.


Thursday 14 August 2014

Behind the Laughter

There is much research linking creativity and madness - we all know about Van Gogh and Sylvia Plath – but mental illness blights the lives of comedians too; indeed, the image of the sad clown is one of the oldest clichés in the book. It is epitomised by the tale Groucho Marx tells of a patient who goes to see his psychiatrist with depression: the psychiatrist advises him to go to the circus and cheer himself up by watching the world famous clown, Grock. The patient replies, ‘I AM Grock.’


Monday 11 August 2014

‘A’ Level Results Day 2014

This Thursday (August 14th) many students will receive their ‘A’ level results and the University of Wolverhampton wishes them all the very best.


Friday 25 July 2014

100 Years Ago: Britain Enters the First World War

Looking back on the start of the First World War, we are conscious of a world and a Britain very different from our own. The countdown of events that led to Britain declaring war rings like a death-march in the heads of everyone who knows them.


Thursday 17 July 2014

English football- Less profit more trophy asset

The recent publication of the 2014 Deloitte annual review of football finance highlighted the ever-increasing financial power of the Premier League. For the 2013/2014 season it is forecast that total revenue will break the £3bn barrier.


Thursday 10 July 2014

Parents and Education

A recent article in The Learner ( ) and The New York Times claims that parental involvement in education rarely benefits children’s test and grade scores and in some cases has a negative effect.


Monday 07 July 2014

Tour de France; its not over

After the fabulous start of the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire on Saturday, British hopes are somewhat dashed by the withdrawal of our two leading riders, the 2013 winner Chris Froome and Mark Cavendish, the Manx missile, and GB rider of the most stage wins. Interestingly the focus in the press has been on the tactics employed by team Sky and the decision not take former Tour de France winner Sir Bradley Wiggins as back up the lead rider.


Monday 30 June 2014

3 bites and you're out.. Suarez, Shame and the World Cup

“He’s bitten again," said a flight attendant as I queued to check in a flight returning from Spain. Uruguay vs Italy in the World Cup and Liverpool footballer Suarez goes to bite his opponent


Monday 23 June 2014

Focus back on Murray for Wimbledon

Britain’s number one tennis player must have been looking forward to an opening week of Wimbledon with the pressure slightly off… but thanks to England’s stuttering World Cup, ‘a nation turns its lonely eyes to you’ Mr Murray...


Tuesday 17 June 2014

Is the new GCSE syllabus a form of literary jingoism?

Michael Gove has apparently ‘banned’ American classics such as John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men from the GCSE English syllabus in favour of a British-oriented curriculum.


Thursday 12 June 2014

Land of Hope and Glory?

Or is Hope a dangerous thing? England head for the World Cup with hope in their hearts!


Thursday 12 June 2014

Why Brazil cannot rely on home advantage to win the 2014 football World Cup.

In the past, countries hosting the world cup finals have had a high probability of winning or at least being runners up in their ‘home’ competition. England’s one and only success in the World Cup came on home soil in 1966, and more recently France in 1998 and Argentina in 1978 were both victorious as hosts.


Tuesday 27 May 2014

Spare a thought for the forgotten campaigns

2014 is a momentous year for military history. In November we commemorate 100 years since the start of the First World War. The BBC alone have already started over four years of programming which will ultimately result in over 3,500 hours broadcasting spanning radio, television and the internet.


Monday 14 April 2014

12 April 2014: International Day for Street Children

Raising awareness about children who sleep rough on the streets of Europe.


Wednesday 26 March 2014

A chance for facts and truths

Professional historians have had a long time to think and plan about the 100th anniversary commemorations of the First World War: almost a decade has passed since our first discussions.


Tuesday 11 March 2014

Death of Bob Crow, RMT

Bob Crow, the general secretary of the RMT trade union, died at the age of 52 on Tuesday 11 March. All of us who knew him send sincere sympathies to his family and close friends.


Tuesday 04 March 2014

A response to Mike Cladingbowl’s ‘The future of Ofsted: where next for school inspection?’

n a recent blog entry in The Guardian (6/2/2014), Mike Cladingbowl, Ofsted’s national director for schools, raised a number of interesting questions relating to the future of Ofsted.


Thursday 20 February 2014

Sexuality and soccer: exploring the ins and outs

Recent months have seen a small number of high profile footballers openly disclose their homosexuality and once again the question of why this disclosure remains so fearful to these athletes has been raised across the media.


Thursday 23 January 2014

EDL: Not racist, not violent, just no longer silent?

The English Defence League (EDL) emerged in 2009 as a mass street protest movement able to attract supporters in the thousands to demonstrate against ‘Islamic extremism’ in towns and cities across the UK.


Friday 17 January 2014

Dorothy Hobson, senior lecturer and course leader in Contemporary Media

The Channel 4 documentary series Benefits Street has caused a legitimate outcry from the residents of James Turner Street in Winson Green, Birmingham. The five part series was filmed over a year and shows the residents of the area as people on benefits and living, what the production portrays as, a rather feckless life.


Tuesday 14 January 2014

Dealing with the Blackadder view of the war

Michael Gove’s comments about the First World War have ensured that what some of us feared would happen has come to pass.


Friday 10 January 2014

Fractured: how sporting injury affects psychological states

For Theo Walcott, the first sound he heard would have been the savage twist of gristle and the next his own screams of pain. The very moment the 24-year-old striker hit the turf in Arsenal’s recent FA Cup game against Tottenham Hotspur, he must surely have known how serious his injury was. The hope of performing on the big stage, the excitement in what that brings, the months of training in in the build-up were, he must have acknowledged, all lost in that brief moment in time.