Students sitting outside Starbucks in the courtyard

Our Vision 2030

Inclusive. Innovative. Impactful.

Our Vision

To transform the leadership and workforce of our Place through inclusive student success and world-class research.

Our Purpose

To develop People and Place.

Our Values

  • We will behave respectfully and ethically in all that we do
  • We will be inclusive and fair in our interactions with each other and with our wider community
  • We will act professionally, transparently, confidently, collaboratively and challengingly when engaging with our communities locally and globally
  • We will listen and learn from others.


Through our pillars of Inclusive Student Success and Place we will cement our position as the University of Opportunity.

Through our pillars of Inclusive Student Success and Place we will cement our position as the University of Opportunity delivering higher education at the point of need and believing in those who believe in themselves by offering them an opportunity to excel.

Our priority is the success of all those who wish to study with us. Building on the progress made in our previous Strategic Plan in improving outcomes and satisfaction levels for our students, our focus for the next decade is to ensure greater inclusivity and ensure equity of outcome. This commitment will ensure that we focus on who is participating and how they achieve.

We are committed to removing barriers to ensure that all can participate and achieve their potential. We will develop our approach guided by the social model of outcome, adapting the way we work to suit individual needs, adding value to their experience and ensuring they become successful ambassadors for the University of Wolverhampton.

With the ability to study at their own pace our students will learn in a manner that suits their circumstances and preferences. Technology will enhance learning with lectures online and available at a student’s time of choosing, supplemented by a choice of virtual communication and e-learning resources and more traditional in-depth face-to-face learning methods such as seminar, workshop and laboratory activities.

We are the University of Opportunity, and we will create flexible and personalised learning and progression routes into, through and out of university in a manner which transforms the places we serve.

We believe that universities are about transforming society by ensuring the needs of their Place and people are at the heart of what they do. As the University of Opportunity our Place informs the courses we teach, the research we invest in and the skills we equip people with.

Our strategy in Health illustrates our commitment to Place. We work in partnership to ensure healthcare education is delivered in the communities in which our students will work as qualified professionals. We offer healthcare education at multiple locations, helping the region to become self-sufficient in health professionals.

Our research supports local initiatives such as the STORK Programme, where we work in collaboration with neonatal units at local hospital trusts, public health directorates and the Lullaby Trust to help decrease infant mortality by developing training and behavioural interventions guided by the best scientific evidence. This commitment to delivering education, skills and research in partnership with the communities we serve is at the heart of our Strategy.

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