I am a member of staff, I have a temporary disability that impacts on my work and I am likely to have increased medical appointments

Who do I discuss my situation with?

You should discuss your temporary disability with your line manager, or if this is not possible, your HR Business Partner will be able to advise you.

What arrangement will I have to make to attend appointments/treatment?

For information on appointments, please refer to the guidance entitled “Time off for Health Related Appointments” which can be found in the “related documents” section of the Managing Absence Policy accessed through the HR Portal.

Who and how do I ask for changes to my work space?

You should speak to your line manager about any required changes to your workspace, and they will be able to refer you to Occupational Health, where a full assessment of your needs can be carried out.

Can I ask to work flexibly while this situation is ongoing?

As part of their assessment, working flexibly, might be considered as a reasonable adjustment by Occupational Health, to allow for the necessary adjustments to be made to your workspace.

It is also worth noting that you have more than 26 weeks’ continuous service, you are able to make a request for Flexible Working, (providing you have not already submitted a request in the last 12 months).

Who can I talk to if I don’t feel my line manager is supportive?

Please raise your concerns with your HR Business Partner who will be able to advise. You may also wish to discuss the issue with the Disabled Staff Network, should you require peer pastoral support.