Examples of Access to Work Support for Staff

Existing employee newly diagnosed with dyslexia

Their difficulties include taking notes, reading lengthy reports and prioritisation.  AtW agrees support including:

  • Digital voice recorder and TextHelp Read&Write text-to-speech software.
  • Half-day training on how to use TextHelp software effectively.
  • One day of work-based skills training on prioritisation from a dyslexia specialist 

University pays equipment costs (under £1000). AtW pays training costs in full.

Existing employee with a chronic back problem for which they have had surgery

AtW agrees support including:

  • A custom-designed chair, ergonomic keyboard and accessories;
  • Voice recognition software;
  • Four half-day sessions of training on voice recognition software;
  • Taxis to work during convalescence, while they are unable to use buses.

University pays equipment costs up to £1000 and 20% costs above that. AtW pays 80% equipment costs over £1000 threshold, and all training and taxi costs.

A newly appointed employee with a visual impairment

The manager and new employee meet before the individual’s start date to discuss support needs. The individual contacts AtW to arrange a support package including assistive software, equipment and an occasional note taker. This support should be in place from the individual’s start date.

Since this is a new starter, AtW will meet up to 100% approved costs. AtW agrees a set number of hours per week of note taker support, which the manager and individual can arrange when needed. They recruit a note taker through an approved employment agency.