I am an existing member of staff with an existing disability, however my disability related reasonable adjustments have changed.

Who do I discuss my situation with?

Your Line Manager or Human Resources Business Partner will be best placed to assist you with changes to your personal needs.

How do I get a new assessment of my needs?

Self-referral assessment requests are not possible, but your Line Manager can refer you to Occupational Health. More information is available here.

The reasonable adjustments will be different to suit each individual’s circumstances. 

Examples of the sort of adjustments that may need to be considered, in consultation with an individual, include:

  1. What reasonable adjustments can be made?
  2. reallocating work;
  3. transfer to another post or another place of work;
  4. making adjustments to buildings;
  5. being flexible about hours;
  6. providing training or retraining;
  7. providing modified equipment;
  8. making instructions and manuals more accessible;
  9. providing a reader or interpreter.

Who can I talk to if I don’t feel my line manager is supportive

If you experience any difficulties with discussing your needs with your line manager, please speak to your HR Business Partner, who will be able to assist you. You may also wish to discuss the issue with the Disabled Staff Network, should you require peer pastoral support.

Who will pay for my change of needs?

The University will cover the cost for any reasonable adjustments.  Should you require access to more specialist support or training, Access To Work may provide financial support. Additional support with completing any Access to Work application can be provided by the University’s Head of Equality and Diversity, Will Cooling.