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International Women’s Day – Victoria Wall’s challenge: 21 for 21


Victoria Wall, an administrator at the University and member of the Women’s Staff Network, challenges colleagues to write about a woman that has inspired them for International Women's Day in 21 words.

Victoria said: “The results are as varied and fascinating as the women themselves.

“Thank you to all contributors and to the Women's Staff Network Committee for your support.”


Gloria Allred – She’s been called every anti-female slur going and mock and it’s never stopped her. She just keeps on fighting.

Christina Blakey, Strategic Business Development Manager (Skills), External Engagement, and WSN Vice-Chair


Rosalind Franklin, renowned for her 'photo 51' depicting DNA structure, was a pioneer virus researcher working on polio. That’s inspiring today!

Professor Nazira Karodia, Pro-Vice Chancellor Regional Engagement, Offices of the Vice-Chancellor


First saw Kate Adie reporting from Tiananmen Square – that story will stick with me forever from an authentic, fearless, compassionate journalist.

Katharine Clough, Director of External Engagement


Cleopatra: A powerful, strategic political leader from ancient history. Ahead of her time in many respects and greatly respected by her people.


Nicola Sturgeon: Demonstrates conviction and solidarity with her community. Stands up for what she believes; unafraid to show her human side.

Natalie Sumner-Cole, Senior Executive Officer, Vice-Chancellor's Office, and WSN Vice-Chair - Natalie's inspiration is both ancient and modern!


Bushra Nasir – her warm, fun style, undeniable and impressive impact, her story makes me want to do better and be better.

Emma Bull, University Registrar, Offices of the Vice-Chancellor


Hardworking career/family balance juggler extraordinaire, really inspiring, great listener, amazingly supportive, source of strength and guidance – Ros Norden, my mum!

Claire Tilt, Head of Alumni and Development, External Engagement


Lottie Dod - Excellent achievement over a range of sports and inspiring because of the breadth of excellence. Should never be forgotten.

Dr Kay Biscomb, Associate Dean, Faculty of Education, Heath and Wellbeing


Jacinda Ardern: Restoring faith and solidarity in communities and working together in the face of adversity. Collaborative, inspirational and extraordinary leadership.

Geoff Layer, Vice-Chancellor


Christiana Figueres’ inspirational sustainability, determination and ‘stubborn optimism’ brought together 195 sovereign governments to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change!

Valeria Arzenton, Business Improvement Lead, Performance Team, Strategic Planning Office, Offices of the Vice-Chancellor


Jenny, my mum, created jumpers, costumes, banquets, homes and gardens. She's travelled, revelled and continues to learn. She's the 'Codewords' queen.

Dr Lucy Poole, Disability and Inclusion Adviser for Faculty of Arts, Business and Social Sciences, Student Support and Wellbeing Centre


From a Boleyn girl to a queen’s fool (who is anything but) author Philippa Gregory puts the 'her' into herstorical fiction.

Victoria Wall, Administrator, Offices of the Vice-Chancellor and WSN member


Images: InfoGibraltar CC By 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons and Bazar Publishing CC By 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons 

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