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BBC programme features graduates’ workplace


The BBC programme ‘Forensics: The Real CSI’ has featured the West Midlands Police Forensics Department last night, which is where members of the University’s alumni community are working.

Harley Brazier and Katrina Harrold have both graduated from University of Wolverhampton forensic science programmes.

Harley said: “I feel the forensics science course gave me a brilliant theory base for a role into all aspects of forensics.

“I made use of the voluntary attachment with West Midlands Police (WMP) that was offered during my second year of the course.

“This, in turn with the real life practical working within forensic science investigation, pushed me to strive for a career within the WMP Forensics Department.”

Katrina said: "I’m currently a forensic technician for West Midlands Police.

“My degree helped me get this job as it covered a lot of forensic disciplines.

“One of the modules in the master’s year was linked to forensic services within the police, which I got to meet and explore a variety of departments and people providing me with the opportunity to apply for a volunteering role with the fingerprint development laboratory.

“From gaining this experience, it allowed me to apply for a full time job which I was successful in doing so."

Katrina’s volunteering experience and gaining a job with the force has previously been featured by The Times.

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