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#DoOneThing - Victoria Wall


Victoria Wall, Administrator and Interim Legal Caseworker, shares her #DoOneThing in celebration of World Mental Health Day.

I gathered acorns to feed our inquisitive grey squirrel. 

There seems to be an abundance of acorns this year so why not provide some snacks for ‘Traci’, whom I’ve named after a self-proclaimed ‘squirrel friend’ Traci Melchor from Canada’s Drag Race. 

My husband and I have fed countless garden birds and a few hedgehogs over the years but Traci marks a new era. 

How it helped me – I’m expanding on my appreciation of biodiversity in my local area. Who would have thought there was such a variety in acorns and oak trees? Likewise, I’ve learnt that squirrel hibernation is not as straightforward as we were taught at primary school. 

Gathering acorns encourages me to enjoy the great outdoors on my doorstep.  When I spot Traci out of the corner of my eye, it’s a prompt to take a mindful break from the screen.

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