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Academic partnerships could help with business recovery


The University of Wolverhampton is all set to share its management expertise via the Government’s Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP) programme which could help businesses with their post-Covid recovery.

Like the highly successful Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme, a Management KTP will create a unique three-way partnership between a company, a team of experienced academics and a qualified graduate. The projects can last between 12 months to three years.

Emma Pearson, Knowledge Transfer Manager, at the University said: “During these uncertain times many businesses are concerned about their company’s future. Post-Covid recovery means many companies will need to explore new innovative ways of working, from establishing remote offices to completely adopting new business models. 

“Effective management can make the difference between a thriving and failing company, and a part funded Management KTP could be the solution.

“Our academic experts from the Wolverhampton Business School at the University of Wolverhampton are welcoming the introduction of Management KTPS, which allow them to work in partnership with companies to identify new approaches and deliver transformative change.”

Management KTPs aim to introduce transformational improvement by identifying key, strategic, management-based initiatives to increase business effectiveness and drive company growth.

Spanning all key business functions, including marketing, IT, creativity, strategic management, HR, employment relations, finance, logistics, Management KTPs seek to support transformative management projects and drive strategic change.

Core activities covered could include market analysis, monitoring and targets, operations management, communication and motivation, resource planning, problem-solving, commercial awareness, and risk management.

Management KTPs are part-funded up to 67 per cent of the total project cost. Management KTPs are co-funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, a department of the UK Government and Innovate UK.*

If you would like to discuss how to take advantage of this Government-funded initiative and find out how a Management KTP could transform your business, contact the team at

*Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are funded by UKRI through Innovate UK with the support of co-funders, including the Scottish Funding Council, Welsh Government, Invest Northern Ireland, Defra and BEIS. Innovate UK manages the KTP programme and facilitates its delivery through a range of partners including the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Knowledge Bases and Businesses. Each partner plays a specific role in the support and delivery of the programme.

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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