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Times Digital Archive Trial

Times Digital Archive Trial

University of Wolverhampton Library is providing trial access to the Times Digital Archive until 31st October

This trial provides access to the full-text facsimile of more than 200 years of The Times, 1785-2019. With over 12 million articles available, the archive supports research across multiple disciplines and areas of interest, including history, business, humanities and political science, along with coverage of all major international historical events.

Full details are available at - Trials - University of Wolverhampton (

Who can access the trial?

The trial is available to all staff and students at the university, and we are keen to hear your feedback. The library, with your help, makes use of trials to assess and evaluate potentially useful resources.

How long does the trial last?

We have access to these resources until 31st October 2023

Where do I get help?

If you want any further information, need help or have some feedback please email

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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