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Logging in to Electronic Resources

Members of the University of Wolverhampton are able to use a large number of electronic databases, journals and books.

Using these electronic resources requires logging in with your University IT account username and password; you are then recognised as a valid user.

Your username will typically be your University of Wolverhampton student (or staff) number (not your email address), and the same password that you use to access e.g. Canvas and University email accounts.

Your IT account will be activated during enrolment. Advice about password issues is available on the ITS Self Help pages or you can contact IT Services on +44 (0)1902 322000 or

Accessing Resources from LibrarySearch and Databases A-Z 

The first time you click on a link to an electronic resource from these sources you may be prompted to log in. If an Authentication Required box appears, use your IT username (student or staff number, not your email address) and password.

 Authentication prompt for electronic resources

Dialogue box might vary in appearance depending on browser. You should then be taken to the resource.

Accessing a Resource Directly

It is generally easier to follow a link from our website or library catalogue to access a resource. If you go directly to a resources website you can still log in, providing we have a subscription to that resource.

You need to find the option to log in on the resource page. It may be called any of the following:

  • Shibboleth login
  • Institutional login
  • Log in via your institution

Please note that the University no longer uses the Athens system for authentication so please look for one of the options listed above.

  1. Depending on the interface, you may be asked to select your region. Select United Kingdom (UK Access Management Federation) from the list.
  2. Select University of Wolverhampton from the list of institutions. Depending on the interface, you may have to select it from a drop down list, or you can start to type the name to filter the list.
  3. Click the login/continue button
  4. If you are prompted for authentication, use your IT username and password.

Many resources now use a standard Where Are You From (WAYF) page:

Select University of Wolverhampton from the list of institutions when promptedSelect the University of Wolverhampton as our institution to authenticate. Here it has remembered our institution

The page will remember your previous selection until the end of your session, so you may only need to click on University of Wolverhampton.

Further Help

Please check the list of frequently asked questions on the FAQ page. If you are still having problems please contact us.