British Standards Online

BSOL is the online standards database giving access to over 55,000 up-to-date British, adopted European and International standards.

There is a security feature embedded within PDF documents from British Standards Online. This means that if you want to download and print a document, you will be required to install the FileOpen plug-in on your device before you can open them. Use the More Information link for full details. The ability to read standards online in BSOL remains unaffected.

Access: Students and staff based at University of Wolverhampton campuses and only UK based distance learners with a University of Wolverhampton login can access this database

Restrictions: Partner students and staff at UK and international partner institutions, and distance learners outside the UK cannot access this database

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British Standards Online have a security feature on their documents. This means downloaded BSOL documents can only be opened with a plug-in installed on your device (FileOpen). It will help to keep your documents and experience more secure.

For University devices you will first need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader. To do this, open the Software Centre from the Windows start menu, and install Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application. Once you have installed Adobe CCDA, you can then install Adobe Acrobat Reader.  See for instructions. If you have previously installed either Adobe Acrobat or FileOpen from AppsAnywhere, please make sure you remove those versions first.

Once Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed, go to the Software Centre and install the FileOpen plugin. 

For personal devices you will need to install the FileOpen plugin directly from the FileOpen website and made sure you have already installed Adobe Acrobat Reader.

When you download a British Standard document, you might see an error message when you try to open the PDF. This is because Microsoft Edge (or whichever is your default internet browser), isn’t compatible with the FileOpen plugin and has tried to open it. Instead, go to your Downloads folder, right click on the document and then “Open with” > Adobe Acrobat, and the document will open.