Anyone can experience mental health difficulties and it is recognised that life’s transition points can be especially challenging. For example, the unfamiliar environment of higher education, combined with the demands of self-directed study can be very stressful, especially for those who already have underlying mental health problems. Therefore, the University of Wolverhampton takes the mental health of its students and staff very seriously.

The university prides itself on providing opportunities for all students to develop friendships and pursue social, recreational and sporting interests. In addition, we offer a wide range of easily accessible student support services.

What we can do to help...

Here are some links to resources and organisations that you can access for advice and support.

The important thing to remember at this time is that this intense feeling will pass, and it will get better. 

Please feel free to pass on these links to a family member or a friend who is in distress or is struggling to cope.


I Need Help Now: CLICK HERE for support information and advice


Some helpful leaflets:

See below for organisations who offer advice and support:

Wellbeing Groups

A relaxed gathering place where you can receive mutual support in a relaxed, safe environment, with wellbeing activities and guidance from specialist staff.  Students can come and go as they wish.

Please see the following document for information on our Wellbeing drop-in sessions which also include those for Counselling: Wellbeing and Counselling drop-in sessions (Word doc 21k)


City Campus

Walsall Campus

Telford Campus

Students' Union

Meeting Room

Performance Hub

Foyer WH023

The Learning Centre


When Tuesdays Fridays Every second Tuesday
(see link above for dates)
Time 12pm to 2pm 9.30am to 11.30am 9.30am to 11am

Commitment from us

  • Raising mental health awareness throughout the University by improving the quality and accessibility of information available on mental health issues. 
  • Working in partnership with students who are experiencing mental health problems.  This will enable the student to define their own needs and work in partnership with staff, recognising and building on the student's strengths, skills and potential.
  • Ensuring respect and confidentiality for all members of its community. 
  • Providing all staff with opportunities to develop appropriate skills and knowledge in this area. 
  • Acknowledging and responding to mental health issues when reviewing policies and procedures.  The University aims to ensure that all policies reflect the mental health needs of members of the University community.
  • Working in liaison with external agencies, locally and nationally, who offer alternative support to students and staff.
  • Ensuring services provided on campus, especially the relevant support services are readily available and accessible to all students.  Constructive lines of communication between departments are encouraged.
  • Exploring new initiatives which could promote the mental well-being of students and prevent mental health problems.

Questions about your support?

If you are registered with Student Support and Wellbeing, or have questions about support, please contact SSW on: 01902 321074 or email: