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IT Security

Advice about keeping your computer, data and identity safe

Top tips to keep you safe online

  1. NEVER tell anyone your passwords
    It's vital not to disclose your password to anyone else. IT Services at the University will never ask you for your IT Account password. Forgotten your password?
  2. Change your passwords often
    Choose secure passwords that you change regularly
  3. THINK before sharing your personal details
    There are risks of identity fraud and invasion of privacy whenever you give any personal details online. The following links tell you what to be aware of and how to protect yourself.
    • Get Safe Online - including advice about using Facebook and other social networking sites safely
  4. Beware of scam emails Phishing attacks are on the increase and becoming more sophisticated so it's easy to get caught out and give away personal details if you're not alert. Top ten tips to protect yourself from phishing attacks.
  5. Don't download or copy illegally
    Make sure you don't break the law by downloading, copying or sharing without permission. Stay legal online, this includes information from the Internet, files, music and video.
  6. Protect your own computer
    Keep your computer and data safe by installing the latest Microsoft security updates, anti-virus/firewall software and Java updates; you can get F-Secure for free. More advice about Viruses and Botnet infections.


If you are concerned that your device might have an infection, free scanning tools are available;

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Date last modified: March 2014