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Arena Theatre Advisory Board

The Arena Theatre Advisory Board will provide advice and recommendations to the Arena Theatre management to support its direction and development. Primarily, this will be related to the Arts Council's Let's Create Strategy and National Portfolio grant award, but will also consider other strategic developments including the University of Wolverhampton's plans and trajectory.

If you would like to declare interest in becoming a member of the Arena Theatre's Advisory Board, please e-mail the Artistic Director, Neil Reading, on to schedule an informal chat.

The Advisory Board will be composed of representation from the arts community and University of Wolverhampton, including practitioners, producers, educators and arts administrators. The Arena Theatre management will appoint members to the board, with the goal of achieving a diverse group representative of the theatre's work.

The Arena Theatre Advisory Board will meet at least four times a year, with additional meetings as required. Meetings are chaired by the Associate Director (Place) of the University of Wolverhampton, and attended by appropriate members of the Arena Theatre staff team.

The Board will monitor the achievements of the venue against the agreed targets of both the University of Wolverhampton and the Arts Council Funding Agreement for the 2023-2026 National Portfolio round, in reference to the Let's Create Strategy, with specific reference to the following Investment Principles:

  • Ambition and Quality
  • Dynamism
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Inclusivity and Relevance.

The Arena Theatre Advisory Board will provide advice and recommendations to the management on the following:

  • Programming and season planning
  • Marketing and outreach strategies
  • Collaboration and partnership opportunities with other organisations and sectors
  • Development and implementation of audience development initiatives
  • Support for the development of new work and the nurturing of emerging artists.

The management will consider the recommendations of the Arena Theatre Advisory Board as it makes decisions on programming and initiatives. The Board will approve all returns to the Arts Council regarding its NPO grant agreement on a quarterly basis.

The Arena Theatre Advisory Board will communicate through regular meetings, written reports, and an agreed data dashboard. The management will provide updates on the direction and development of the Arena Theatre to the Advisory Board, the University's Executive Board (UEB) and the Arts Council on a quarterly basis.

The Arena Theatre Advisory Board and its membership will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to the needs of the theatre, the University, and the wider arts community.