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Theatre Supper is the first stage of development for new work after ACT. Artists are invited to produce a small-scale development of the work presented at ACT. This work is usually between 60-90 minutes in length. There is a small commissioning fee for the company to realise this work-in-progress sharing.

The work is presented as part of a Theatre Supper evening where audiences receive a hot meal as part of their £10 ticket price.

To be considered for Theatre Supper your work must first be presented at an ACT night.

Previous Theatre Suppers have included:

Aunt/Niece by Hayley Thornton
Boxed In by Dave Pitt
Broken Shells by Daisy Black
Dirty White Boys
Five Years by Neal Pike
Fool's Gold by Matt Gabrielli
For Those Who Missed It the First Time by Holly Clark
GUSH! by Holly Clark
It Kind of Looks Like a Doughnut by Holly Boyden
Looking for Wolverhampton's Latin Quarter by Ian Pearce
The Turville Millitant Pacifists by Hayley Thornton
UpDownSizing by Ginny Davis

Our Theatre Supper dates for Spring 2020 are:

Tuesday 7th April at 7.00pm (show begins at 7.30pm)
Tuesay 2nd June at 7.00pm (show begins at 7.30pm)
Tuesday 7th July at 7.00pm (show begins at 7.30pm)