Box Office: 01902 321 321

The Arena Theatre is a receiving house for small to small-medium scale touring. We have 150 seats in our main auditorium and a smaller studio space of 60 seats.

We programme professional work predominantly on Thursday-Saturday each week and in general we are interested in work from small companies with up to 4 performers.

We are always on the lookout for new and innovative work to programme at the theatre. Our programming policy can be accessed here: Arena Theatre Programming Policy - 2020-2022

We have a performance space of 9m x 9m with 4.6m height clearance. We programme on a mixed economy of guarantees and guarantee against box office splits.

The Arena has a history and reputation for working with a diverse range of companies and has a particular interest and passion for championing work for and by deaf and disabled companies, artists and audiences.  

Any programming enquiries should be made to Neil Reading, Artistic Director at including an up-to-date tour pack.