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14/48 Wolverhampton

WHAT IS 14/48? 

14/48 is a speed theatre festival, engaging new audiences and developing both emerging and experienced artists and theatre makers. It’s an international ‘family’ of veteran artists connected via a shared experience of the festival and its values: Speed, Trust, Creativity and Teamwork.

The festival and it’s ideals were established in Seattle in 1997, and the beautiful people at have entrusted us with their baby here in the UK. Head over to their site to find out more about their work and the origins of the festival itself.


14 plays are written, directed, scored, designed and performed within a 48 hour period. 75 Artists are engaged in each weekend of the festival. They are challenged to simply create, and to trust their fellow artists to create.

The festival aims to develop satellite festivals across the world, encouraging a flow of artists between festivals, and the benefits that blossom from these connections.

Leicester is the UK’s hub for the festival, developing festivals in a series of other Cities in partnership with regional Producers. 


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