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More Than A Moment

The More Than A Moment pledge is the West Midlands Arts sector’s promise to take radical, bold and immediate action, to dismantle the systems that have for too long kept Black artists and creatives from achieving their potential in the arts and cultural industries.

Organisations who sign up to the pledge, wholeheartedly commit to ensuring equity, investment in, and opportunities with and for Black artists and creatives within their organisation’s culture and work, and in doing so, becoming the change we all need to see.

This pledge and process was designed and created in Summer and Autumn 2020 by the More Than a Moment Working Group, in partnership with the Black Creative Workforce and West Midlands Cultural Sector, to be a promise for radical and permanent change. It was launched on 29 October 2020.

You can view the Arena Theatre's Inclusive Action Plan below, which it will honestly and openly report on each year. We are proud to be part of a movement that changes the face/s of the Arts and Culture sector, reflecting and representing the UK of the 21st Century.

Arena Theatre Inclusion Action Plan (Word doc 16k)