Organisational Development Opportunities  

Here at the University of Wolverhampton we are committed to providing our staff with opportunities for personal and professional development. We aim to provide a comprehensive range of services and facilities to enable employees to acquire and maintain skills in their current job and also to provide them with opportunities to develop and pursue their future career interests. This includes:

  • Access to a wide range of training and development events in our central Organisational Development Programme.
  • Support for participation on programmes within the University.
  • Advice, support and direct training support from the University's Organisational Development

Areas of training contained in our Organisational Development Programme include:

Academic and Research

From qualitative research software training through to how to gain a professorship.

Leadership and Management, including:

  • An annual Leadership Development Programme;
  • Management Development Programme available to all line managers;
  • Project Management skills.

Learning and Teaching

Providing support for our staff in the development of innovative and inspirational ways of teaching students.

Personal and Career Development, including:

  • Training in core communication skills, such as motivating and influencing;
  • Time Management; and 
  • Lots more.   

Student Support, which includes:

  • Student Support Systems; and 
  • Customer Service Skills.

Training for Technical Staff, including:

Access to the HEaTED project, which is focused on creating resources for the education, training, and development of TSM (technical, specialist and technical resource managers) in Higher Education. 

Midlands Staff Development Partnership

Midlands Staff Development Partnership (MSDP) is a network committee of Staff Developers, which offers a programme of training seminars hosted by regional Institutions.


The above is just a small selection of organisational development opportunities available to members of staff at the University of Wolverhampton.