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Nursery Facilities

"Children are happy, confident and settled and their individual needs are met by staff.
This helps to promote children's personal, social and emotional well-being." Ofsted 2018

Little Scholars is a large open plan nursery on the ground floor of Randall Lines Halls of Residence comprising of children's play rooms, dining and creative areas. 

The nursery is monitored by CCTV to maintain high levels of security in and around the nursery. The rooms are divided into four key worker groups depending on the child's age and development.

In the nursery entrance, information on forthcoming events and activities is displayed. 

The nursery has a large outdoor play area, which consists of a grass, bark and digging area, as well as a safe play area made of rubber matting. All areas of the curriculum are incorporated through our outside environment to extend children’s learning.

There is a drop off and pick up point for your car outside the nursery but cars cannot be parked there on a daily basis.