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Teaching and Research Facilities

The facilities where you will study and work in the Rosalind Franklin building have been developed to meet the highest standards of modern teaching and research. We have designed well thought out spaces for the study of Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Forensics, Pharmacy, Biomedical Science, Microbiology, Polymer Research and Biotechnology.

Spanning 6 floors, spread over 6000sqm, the facilities have been created to cater for the student experience at all levels of study. Packed with the newest technology the Rosalind Franklin Building provides a fantastic platform where people can grow their talents.      


In every teaching laboratory each student has access to a tablet computer which enables them to make notes, capture images and research aspects of their work in lectures, enabling them to capture the most detailed information about their experiments.

A state of the art lecture capture recording system makes it possible to stream experiments live from the outreach and project laboratories to schools and partner organisations located anywhere in the world. Video demonstrations of experiments are pre-recorded for students to prepare in advance of lectures and view in their own time as part of their studies.       



The Rosalind Franklin Building is equipped with a wide range of scientific equipment to facilitate teaching and research. Equipment for chemical analysis including Gas Chromatography, ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) analysis, XRF (X-Ray Florence), XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) is available for students to make use of.  

The building also houses Genetic analysis equipment for the study of Forensic Science. Pill testing and manufacture equipment for Pharmaceutical studies. A £200,000 Confocal Microscope has also been purchased that enables the viewer to see the structure of living cells in 3 dimensions.

In Addition there is a tissue culture facility, a fermentation suite for the production of biological inoculum and a state of the art green house facility on the roof of the building for the study of Plant Biology.      

Glasshouse resized

Glasshouse 2

Plant Biology

The glasshouses facility is sited on top of the Rosalind Franklin building and is equipped with LED plant growth lights (PhytoLux - Attis-7) and controlled temperatures. The glasshouses are designed to provide all the plant science teaching and research facilities with regards to growing plants for the foreseeable future.

In order to obtain the fullest potential benefit from these facilities and to improve research-informed teaching in plant science, new equipment is available for studying physiological and biochemical aspects of plant growth and development including photosynthetic efficiency, stomatal regulation, chlorophyll content and leaf temperature.

This facility underpins both teaching and research in broad areas such as plant physiology, plant biotechnology, agricultural and environmental sciences. Current research projects include investigation of physiological traits for drought tolerance in food legumes, biochemical and immunological analysis of growth and development in chilli peppers and feasibility of biodegradable biopolymer mulch containing MCPA herbicide in crops.