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The Rosalind Franklin Science Building

The Rosalind Franklin Building is an exciting addition to the City Campus of the University of Wolverhampton. It serves students, staff and the wider community of the West Midlands in furthering the advancement of science.

The building provides a state of the art environment where students are taught the key practical skills associated with their studies in three large 90-seater teaching laboratories. Students work alongside research staff on projects which contribute toward new scientific discoveries in their field. The facilities also provide an opportunity for the wider community to engage in science, offering schools, colleges and local employers the chance to explore science and develop practical skills.

In addition the building houses a high-tech lecture- capture camera system which enables the activities from within the laboratory to be streamed in real time. This means that teaching can be delivered to wider audiences, bringing the community into science and streaming science into the community.     

For more information about the Rosalind Franklin Building:

Call: 01902 321402