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Car Parking: Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about staff and student car parking at University of Wolverhampton campuses.


The plan is to start charging for academic year 2021/2022



Telford Innovation Campus, Walsall Campus, Wolverhampton City Campus, plus Springfield Campus when it opens. Discussions are on-going about the Science Park. Burton is excluded because different arrangements for parking apply.

We will be inviting people to apply for permission to park via the online application process provided by our partner Group Nexus. We expect the online system will go live in May/June in preparation for August.

No. The application process is designed to prioritise the people with the greatest need and we will invest in and support the use of sustainable forms of transport for other members of staff and students.

Group Nexus will be operating a monitoring system based on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. It will recognise if you don’t have permission to park and penalty procedures will be applied.

Travel pages on our website will be regularly updated with information for local car parks and tariffs.

Yes – the application process is open throughout the year. This means new members of staff are able to apply when they join the University.

This will be confirmed and communicated as soon as it is agreed. 

The car parks will be managed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By credit/debit card or online. There will be no cash payments. There will be cashless terminals around the car parks and payment can also be made via the Glide mobile application which is operated by Group Nexus.

When you leave.

The system can send out reminders, notifications and information to users. We will add information about the specific operations as they are available.

Blue badge holders do not have to pay to park. You can park in the designated accessible spaces and you can also park in any other space. You will however still need to apply for permission to park through the application process.



The charges apply to everyone except blue badge holders. There are no personally designated spaces.

We are considering whether retaining a number of inter-site spaces is necessary. Those staff with regular inter-site requirements are catered for within the application process for permission to park.

The current intention is to have bi-annual reviews. But this is under discussion.

The main monitoring is via Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). There will also be car park attendants patrolling the car parks. There is already CCTV coverage on our car parks.

No – this is permission to roam for an available space. We don’t anticipate problems parking at Telford or Walsall Campus and we will be keeping a watching brief on implementation at City. We do recognise there is insufficient provision at City and this is one of the reasons we are keen to manage it more effectively.

We are hoping to find a mechanism of supporting this feature. We will explore this further with our partner Group Nexus.

The funds raised from parking charges will be ring-fenced to enable us to develop and support sustainable travel initiatives. This could include more bicycle storage, showers, walking routes and working with public transport providers to improve ticketing advice and to investigate ticketing offers for staff and students.

Students’ Union staff will be assessed like University staff through the same application process.

You will just pay for the sessions when you are here and park.

Yes it will. The patrols will be monitoring for anti-social parking, including cars blocking routes and turning spaces and notifications and penalties will be issued accordingly.