Become a Wulfrunian!

If you're thinking of making Wolverhampton your student home, then there are some things you'll have to pick up on your way to becoming a native...

Eat the food

Birmingham may be famous for its balti houses, but Wolverhampton has a growing foodie scene of its own. If you really want to try some authentic Black Country flavour though, you'd best head to a local butcher and try his faggots! Or if you're not put off by their resemblance to giant toe-nails, grab yourself a bag of pork scratchings - they're the next big thing for those on Atkins or gluten-free diets!

How hot do you like your balti?

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Develop a sweet tooth

Particularly for some of the more unusual options offered by Edward "Teddy" Grays of Dudley... herbal tablets, pear drops, aniseed pips, acid drops, menthol and eucalyptus... these are the often-medicinal treats that Black Country spirit is built of! And if you thought a teacake was a type of cake, prepare to be educated...

Can't get enough eucalyptus, mate.

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Support the Wolves

Whatever your team colours were at home, there's only one pack to follow on the football field, and that's Wolverhampton Wanderers - aka The Wolves. With the impressive Molineux stadium a stone's throw from campus, you'll feel the buzz (and smell the onions!) on match day. If you're not a footie fan, perhaps you'd prefer to be part of their mascot's fanclub? Wolfie definitely has a following of his own - and he doesn't just howl, he Tweets too!

Come on you Wolves!

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Drink the local brew

You can't miss the presence (or the aromas) of Banks's brewery on Wolverhampton ring road. Banks's started brewing ale in Wolverhampton in 1875, but if something more contemporary is to your taste, why not try and track down a pint of something from the independent, artisan Broughs Brewery? Or if you don't cheer for beer, why not visit nearby Halfpenny Green vineyard and try its award-winning wines?

A pint of the local brew?

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Speak the lingo

If you're in the Black Country you'll soon hear the melody of the local dialect. It may take a little getting used to, but you'll soon pick up your favourite local phrases. See how you get on with this yarn:

If yam feelin’ a bit ockered cuz yoewer yampy an' got kaylied an woz a barmpot oner Friday night, be glad yam day fall inter cut an’ come ert all ditherin' wiv a bost leg an’ water in yer lugoles. So stop mytherin, ave a cat-lick, wipe yer fizzog an’ go catch that buz!

Gives a whole new meaning to 'marketing'...

Brush up your language and linguistics skills with us.

If you master just some of these things, you'll be well on your way to feeling like a fully-fledged Wulfrunian.