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#TelfordKnifeAngel  – March 2020

The University of Wolverhampton through University Centre Telford was delighted to be in partnership with Telford & Wrekin Council for the #TelfordKnifeAngel. The Centre worked with our partners at the Council to help to raise awareness of the impact of knife crime in the UK. We hosted educational activities that focused on knife crime and its impacts on the lives of victims, families, friends and the wider community. A programme of linking key academic staff with relevant community organisations to produce events was coordinated by the Centre.

Sadly but necessarily, the current Coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of a number of key events.

The Centre was privileged to host three talks by Alison Cope, the prominent anti-knife campaigner who lost her own son, Joshua Ribera to a fatal stabbing in September 2013. She spoke to four groups of students from Telford College in two talks on 3rd March. We also hosted an anti-knife crime public lecture by Alison. Her messages about the role of social media in youth violence & the importance of educating young people about choices & consequences are crucial in reducing knife crime. Alison is a truly inspirational woman and speaker. She uses her own personal story to underline her messages.

For more information about Alison and her work, visit:

On Saturday 14th March, the Centre hosted the Steer Clear Workshops delivered by the Police Youth Engagement Team in Telford, paramedic staff, staff from the University of Wolverhampton and the amazing Chris Flood and his father. Members of the Telford Youth Forum and the West Mercia Police Cadets also supported and local young people attended.

The Centre hosted 100s of pupils from local primary and secondary schools for a play performed by Loudmouth UK. A key aim of the play was to dispel the myth that it’s normal for teenagers to carry weapons. In fact 99% of teenagers don’t carry knives. Children and young people were given the skills to recognise criminal exploitation and educated about the consequences about becoming involved with people that they don't know. 

On behalf of the University of Wolverhampton, the Centre was delighted to host & sponsor the VIP Launch for the #TelfordKnifeAngel on Saturday 29th February & to attend the Opening Ceremony. 

We were delighted to receive a National Anti-Violence Award in recognition of the work that we have done to support the key messages around the Knife Angel. Attendees included the Knife Angel's hugely talented sculptor, Alfie Bradley, the owner Clive Knowles, the Mayor, Councillor Stephen Reynolds, Chief Executive of Telford and Wrekin Council, David Siddaway and other key members of the Council’s Senior Leadership Team and members of the Cabinet. Also in attendance were members of academic staff from our University including Dr Nicole Adams-Quackenbush, Lecturer in Criminological Psychology and Dr Kate Williams, Lecturer in Criminology who have both contributed to the project. Another key contributor, Dr Elaine Arnull, Director of Social Care and Social Work was unable to attend, as she was self-isolating.

It was an honour to meet Alfie Bradley, Alfie's Art, the sculptor of the iconic Knife Angel at the Opening Ceremony in Southwater Square. Like so many others across the UK, he has been personally touched by the horror of knife crime. His beautiful sculpture enables us all to reflect on this issue & to remember all those who have lost their lives so needlessly.

Read more about the Knife Angel here:

Strength & Conditioning Public Lecture by Rhys Lincolcn

On 9th March the Centre held a very successful guest lecture on ‘Strength and Conditioning’ delivered by Rhys Lincoln. Rhys dispelled some of the myths surrounding S & C & examined the benefits in terms of the improvements in running economy and the reduction of injury risk. The EIS states ‘S & C is about more than lifting weights – it encompasses the entire physical development of the athlete’... Rhys’s lecture perfectly illustrated this. We were even treated to some physical demonstrations! The talk was extremely well received by the attendees. We look forward to Rhys's next lecture at the Centre. Details will be announced on Facebook.

The Age of Fire: Witchcraft in 17th Century Iceland Public Lecture by Dr Louise Fenton

Dr Louise Fenton’s 2nd visit to the Centre on 5th March was a huge success. A very engaged audience heard about Louise's recent visit to Iceland and her research into witchcraft there in the 17th century. Most of the accused were men and many were burned following ‘trials’ by specially chosen juries. This fully illustrated talk took us on a fascinating journey from the spells, the magic books and symbols through to how witchcraft is represented today.

What's inside me? STEM workshop

We were delighted to be host two further 'What's Inside Me? workshops in February half-term delivered by the brilliant STEM Response Team & Dr Khechara from the University of Wolverhampton. The workshops were educational and fun and we received great feedback as always from children and their parents & carers. Many thanks to the team! We are hosting further workshops on CSI during the Easter holidays. See Facebook/Eventbrite for further details.

First World War history public lecture by Professor Gary Sheffield

We hosted another fascinating lecture by Professor Gary Sheffield in February. 'In Haig's Shadow: Major-General Hugo De Pree, Douglas Haig, and the First World War'. The two men were cousins and close friends and Gary discussed the relationship between them. Gary is the author of a new book on De Pree, 'In Haig's Shadow'. Our audience learnt about Britain's most controversial general, and De Pree's distinguished career. Some really interesting questions followed at the end of the talk!

Open Event for Health, Sport and Education courses 

The Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing Open Event was held at the Centre in January. It was a very successful event and provided the opportunity for prospective students from the local area to find out more about the wide range of courses on offer at the University of Wolverhampton. They include Adult Nursing & Emergency Planning here in Telford, Children's, Mental Health and Learning Disability Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Sport, Public Health, Education and Teaching.

Interpreting Fairy Tales public lecture by Dr William Pawlett

Dr William Pawlett's first visit to the Centre was a great success. William, who is from the Media Department at Wolverhampton School of Art, delivered a lecture on 'Interpreting Fairy Tales'. He focused on two of the best known European fairy tales, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood and analysed them from several different perspectives. The lecture examined Marxist, Structuralist, Psychoanalytic and Feminist accounts of the meaning of these stories, and showed the strengths and limitations of each perspective. We can now understand how these famous tales have changed and evolved over time, from being oral folk tales, to authored literary narratives, and finally becoming cinema, courtesy of Walt Disney. A fascinating evening!

Young People's Grant Scheme Awards ceremony

We were delighted to host the Young People's Grant Scheme Awards ceremony again at the end of November 2019. What an inspirational evening! So many amazing young people who have achieved so much. We also met Jacob Chandler. Jacob is a local sculptor who has created the beautiful sculpture in Telford town centre. He spoke passionately about how the grant that he received in 2017 helped him to follow his dream and earn a living from his hobby.


Diving with Sea Serpents public lecture by Professor Mark O'Shea

Professor Mark O'Shea delivered another fascinating talk at the Centre in November. The theme was 'Diving with Sea Serpents' and the talk consisted of a mixture of slides and film footage of Mark and his team catching a huge range of sea serpents across the world. Mark finished the evening with a Kahoot quiz which was great fun. 1st and 2nd places went to students from Shrewsbury Colleges Group and Charlton School, Telford. Herpetologists of the future!


Broomsticks and Cauldrons - Image of the Witch in Art public lecture by Dr Louise Fenton



Our audience thoroughly enjoyed our public lecture, ‘Broomsticks and Cauldrons - The Image of the Witch in Art', by Dr Louise Fenton from the University of Wolverhampton's School of Art. We were treated to a fascinating journey from the early woodcuts of the 15th century to the work of Goya and Durer and onto Warhol and Hockney. The artworks chosen by Louise illustrated the different representations of the witch in art, sometimes a seductive temptress and other times reflecting the stereotype of the wicked old hag. This was Louise’s first visit to the Centre but she will definitely be returning to deliver other talks. Keep an eye on Facebook for further details.

Ironbridge by Moonlight Charity Dinner


We were delighted to sponsor a table at the Ironbridge by Moonlight Dinner on Thursday 24th October at Enginuity Museum which raised money for the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust’s Fund for the Future campaign. We invited some of the huge number of University staff who have contributed to the work of our Centre over the last few years as a way of thanking them for their support. The staff who were invited represented the courses that the Centre offers in Education: BA SEND (Top-Up) and Post Compulsory Education; CIPD – HR Management and Marketing (CIM). Other staff included Professor Mark O’Shea who frequently gives talks at the Centre and Dr Martin Khechara whose STEM Response Team deliver STEM workshops for families. The Museum of the Moon event at Enginuity fits really well with the University’s Lifelong Learning agenda and the University is really pleased to have raised funds to support the Trust’s ongoing heritage conservation and education work.

A Bridge too Far and shaping of History Public Lecture by Professor John Buckley


The Centre hosted another fascinating lecture from the Department of History, Politics and War Studies at the University of Wolverhampton. The title of the lecture by Professor John Buckley was 'Cornelius Ryan - 'A Bridge Too Far and the Shaping of History'. The very packed audience were given a fascinating insight into the way in which the book and the subsequent film of the same name have shaped our views of Operation Market Garden.

Southwater Comic Con 2019



The Southwater Comicon event in September was a huge success! Over 500 people visited the workshops and activities at University Centre Telford. Our workshops were hosted by University of Wolverhampton School of Art students and graduates. We hosted a Manga Character Design Workshop, a Superhero themed Clay Making & Animation Workshop & a Cosplay Concept and Creation Public Lecture for children and parents. We also had displays on the 1st floor from the School of Art and received lots of enquiries for the University’s range of creative courses.

British Culture and Education Experience for Chinese Private School Children


University Centre Telford was delighted to welcome two groups of primary aged children (aged 9) from private schools in Shandong Province in China. The children were away from home for a month and came to the UK to study at Bedstone College, a Co-Educational Independent Day and Boarding School near Craven Arms in Shropshire. The pupils stayed at the International Hotel and came to the Centre to take part in STEM workshops which were organised by Xiaoshu (Shirley) Steer, the Centre Facilitator and delivered by Dr Martin Khechara and the STEM Response Team. The workshop themes included Robotics, Potions and Human Anatomy, ‘What’s Inside Me?’ The children thoroughly enjoyed these hands-on activities. In their white lab coats and safety goggles, they looked like scientists of the future!

Knitting group


University Centre Telford is involved in an exciting new initiative that ticks a range of vital boxes. The new Knitting Group which meets each Wednesday evening at the Centre engages with the community to do something practical and valuable, links to the University of Wolverhampton’s specialist expertise in dementia care, supports the work of one of its key partners, the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, and supports people of all ages to come together to share, learn and have fun.

The Knitting Group was formed when Paula Harrison, the Centre Coordinator, saw an appeal from Karen Breese, Dementia Clinical Specialist at Trust, for people to knit or crochet blankets for patients with Dementia to make their stay in hospital more pleasant. The appeal was also for knitted or crocheted bags for the patients to keep their personal items safe.

Karen Breese recently came to collect the blankets that have been produced so far and was thrilled with the number of items she received. She talked to the group about her work as a dementia nurse and the challenges faced by sufferers and their carers. She thanked the groups saying how much the patients and their families love these knitted items and what a difference they make during their stay in hospital.

In addition to Dr Mary Mahoney, Head of Lifelong Learning at the University, Omie Griffiths, a Lecturer in Social Care spoke to the Group about dementia as this is her area of expertise. She also spoke about the role that professionals play in supporting the families and carers of dementia sufferers.

Eyewitness Testimony and Identification Public Lecture by Dr Chelsea Slater


The Centre recently hosted a 2nd fascinating Forensic Psychology lecture by Dr Chelsea Slater from the Psychology Team at the University of Wolverhampton. The theme was 'Eyewitness Testimony and Identification'. It was exceptionally well received by the packed audience. Keep an eye on Facebook and our website for details of a 3rd talk at the Centre by Chelsea in the coming months.

Project Learning and Evaluation Taster Workshop


Dr Katy Goldstraw and Emaan Syed who are both Lecturers from the Social Care Team at the University of Wolverhampton ran a very successful workshop for members of Voluntary Sector Organisations in the Shropshire and Telford area. The title was' Project Evaluation and Research' and drew on all the experience that Katy and Emaan have gained in working collaboratively with this sector. All the attendees found it hugely beneficial and said that they will use what they learned in their day to day practice and in their strategic planning. 

Dementia Awareness


As part of our Festival of Learning programme, we offered a workshop entitled 'Dementia Awareness' which was delivered by Jayne Murphy, Senior Lecturer in Health and Well-being at the University of Wolverhampton. All the participants found this free workshop very useful and insightful. 

Celebrate Volunteering Event


As part of Volunteering Week, Telford & Wrekin Council organised a very successful Volunteer Event on Thursday 6th June in the Southwater Building and staff from University Centre Telford participated. Over 200 people attended the event and it proved a really good opportunity for networking with agencies, prospective volunteers and staff from the Council. The Mayor of Telford, Cllr Steven Reynolds, pictured above, attended and met Patience and Paula from the University Centre Telford team. 

Balloon Fiesta



The Team from University Centre Telford enjoyed a fantastic day in Telford Town Park for the Telford Balloon Fiesta 2019. We engaged with lots of people and provided advice about our courses and the huge range of activities that we offer. We also offered face-painting and children's colouring. We were joined by Dr Martin Khechara & the STEM Response Team from the University who had lots of exciting science activities and experiments for children and adults to take part in, Chris Sellars from Sport & Wellbeing & Heather Gumsley & Emma-Jane Beattie from Emergency Planning & Disaster Management who also promoted their courses.

STEM Workshops during May half-term

During May half-term the Centre hosted two very successful & enjoyable Introduction to Robotics Workshops for children and parents. The free sessions were delivered by the University's STEM Response Team.

Introduction to Robotics


STEM Workshops during the Easter Holidays

Our first Rocket Making Workshop run by the University’s STEM Response Team during the Easter holidays went ahead as planned thanks to the fair weather in the morning. Everyone really enjoyed the session, especially actually launching the rockets! Thank you to Telford Town Park for their support with Health & Safety! The record height was 40 metres which was achieved by the rocket made by the youngest member of the group!

Our 2nd Rocket Making Workshop during the Easter holidays was thwarted by the weather and had to be postponed. A Robotics session was offered instead and was enjoyed by all the children and parents who attended.

Rocket Making Workshop


Forensic Psychology Public Lecture by Dr Chelsea Slater


In April Dr Chelsea Slater from the Psychology Team at the University provided a packed audience in the Centre with a fascinating insight into the world of Forensic Psychology. A brilliant introduction to this area which will be followed by further guest lectures on 'Eyewitness Testimonyand Identification' on 8th August and on 'Offender Profiling'– date to be confirmed.

Universities Association of Lifelong Learning (UALL) Conference


Hosting the UALL Conference (Universities Association of Lifelong Learning)

'Lifelong Learning and Innovation' - Wednesday April 10th - Friday April 12th 2019

UALL held another successful conference hosted in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton at the state-of-the-art Telford Innovation Campus. Drawing inspiration from this venue and the legacy of the Ironbridge Gorge – the birthplace of the first Industrial Revolution – our conference theme was Lifelong Learning and Innovation.

Over the 3 days, our packed programme included a mixture of workshops and papers, all peer-reviewed, exploring the theme and looking into subjects such as the impact of Lifelong Learning in Austerity, education within prisons and the legacy of the 1919 Commission on Lifelong Learning and what the future holds for Lifelong Learning during the fourth revolution.

The Conference was formally opened on the Thursday morning by the UALL Chair, The Reverend Canon Professor Peter Neil, and Professor Geoff Layer, Vice Chancellor of the University of Wolverhampton.

We were extremely lucky to have not just one guest keynote speaker but three who were innovative, dynamic and insightful. Speaking on the Thursday and Friday, each speaker addressed one of our three programme strands:

  • Innovation in Daily Life and Lifelong Learning: Professor Keith Grint, Professor Emeritus, Warwick University
  • Lifelong Learning and Place: Mr Anthony Painter, Director of the Action and Research Centre, RSA
  • Transformational Change:  Professor Mark Brown, Director of the National Institute of Digital Learning (NIDL), Dublin City University  

The Conference was very well attended, both with full conference and day delegates. We also had a strong international contingent of delegates, paper submissions and presentations. UALL would like to thank University Centre Telford who organised a visit with afternoon tea and presentations to welcome our delegates on the Wednesday.

We livened up the informal and social aspects of the Conference this year. For the first time, we enjoyed performances on the first night from the Telford Bulgarian Folk Dancers and also from Faye Yip, Tai Chi Master and Grace Tong from the Chinese Arts and Culture Centre. The formal Conference dinner was held in Ironbridge, with a photo opportunity at the famous bridge. It was a perfect setting for the concluding aspect of the dinner, the UALL Awards ceremony.

The UALL Awards have four categories celebrating aspects of Lifelong Learning: Innovation, Sustainability, Research and International. Compered by our colleague Pauline McManus, our winners and runner ups were presented awards and certificates by the UALL Chair, The Reverend Canon Professor Peter Neil.

Full details of the winners and runners up of the Awards can be found here.

The evening ended with a tribute by Professor Geoff Layer to Professor Sir Alan Tuckett who received a special award from UALL in recognition of his extensive service to lifelong learning. 

History talk by Professor Dieter Steinert


We were delighted to welcome Professor Dieter Steinert to University Centre Telford again in April to deliver a lecture on 'Echoes from Auschwitz - Jewish Child Forced Labourers and the Holocaust'. A very difficult topic but an excellent lecture which was very well received by our audience. It is crucial that we are given the opportunity to hear these children's testimonies and the Professor's research provided us with an incredibly moving insight into the children's experiences and the impact on their lives.

Learn the Secrets of Developing an Impressive Creative Portfolio

In February staff from the Faculty of Arts at The University of Wolverhampton offered a 'Create Your Portfolio' session to help Level 3 students develop their creative portfolios, covering issues such as:

  • What interviewers are looking for;
  • Selecting your best work;
  • Organising your portfolio;
  • Key points to make when talking about your work.

Free STEM Workshops for families

    In February half-term, the Centre hosted two hugely popular workshops for parents and children aged 7 – 14 years. The theme was Human Anatomy – What’s Inside Me? The University’s STEM Outreach Team delivered the workshops which were linked to the KS2 and KS3 curriculum & were enjoyed by children and parents and carers alike.

Information Sessions for Sport/Health


The Institute of Sport offered a series of Sport and Health related Information sessions at the Centre from January through to March. Participants heard presentations delivered by Dr Chris Sellars and Dr Martin Longworth on Sports Psychology, Careers in Sport and Sports Analysis for Sports Coaches.

Leader and Cabinet Members Young Persons Grants Scheme


University Centre Telford was delighted to host the 2nd awards presentation evening for the Leader and Cabinet Members Grants Scheme. Successful applicants attended the prestigious awards ceremony on Wednesday, February 13 at University Centre Telford on the 3rd floor of the Southwater building where Cabinet Members met and congratulated some of the Borough's most ambitious residents and their supporters.

Already, almost £33,000 has been awarded to a total of 124 children and young people, helping them continue to achieve their aspirations and goals.  

The Young Person’s Grant Scheme, created by Telford & Wrekin Council, is funded through voluntary reductions in cabinet member allowances. 

In 2011, the Council’s Cabinet chose to forgo ten per cent of its special responsibility allowance, helping to create a bursary fund for 2018 of £12,000. 

From 43 applications, 39 grants were awarded, totalling £11,840 in areas including sport, performing arts and education, training and employment. 

This round has also included a combination of funding from the Telford 50 legacy fund. 

Chinese New Year Celebration


University Centre Telford heralded the Chinese Year of the Pig with an event for people of all ages. The event included a brush painting and writing demonstration by artist Li Huisen. There were also paper cutting and lantern making workshops for children offered by the Chinese Arts and Culture Centre co-founder Grace Tong and artist Rose Zhang. There were Chinese Red envelopes containing Chinese ancient coins for all the children and fortune cookies and Chinese sweets. The evening was rounded off with a Public Lecture on Chinese Art by Professor Zhao Tingting, a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton's Faculty of Arts. 

 Exhibition of Children's art entries for the 'Kids witness the world' International Competition


Artist Li Huisen, University Centre Telford Coordinator, Paula Harrison & Grace Tong & Rose Zhang from the Chinese Arts & Culture Centre
Mr Xavier Fostier and the three paintings from the Exhibition that he has purchased

The Centre also hosted an exhibition of 90 pieces of artwork from China as part of the 'Kids witness the world' International Competition. People attending the Chinese New year celebrations had the opportunity to view the exhibition as well as members of the public who visited the Centre throughout the month of February. University Centre Telford is a partner in a cultural exchange programe which will see workshops and forums taking place later this year for arts teachers from Shropshire as well as from China. 

All the sessions were very successful and University Centre Telford plans to host lots of similar events in the future.  



Events and Monthly Activity

All public lectures at University Centre Telford are currently posponed due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Further details will be posted as soon as we know them. Please keep in touch with us via our Facebook and Twitter. Email: if you would like any support.

Our English Cafe is available online via a Zoom session. Please contact Shirley Steer, the Centre Facilitator if you live in the Telford area, English is not your first language and you are interested in joining in. The email address is:  

Many thanks for your support at this difficult time.

Kind regards,

Paula Harrison

University Centre Telford Coordinator


Each month, the Centre hosts a range of activities which focus on careers, research and innovation, and emerging trends in specific subjects.

Activities include:

  • Lectures by leading University researchers and professors
  • Workshops
  • Events for employers, including lectures
  • Activities for schools in Telford and the surrounding area





Every Friday


English classes for people whose first language is not English

English classes for anyone for whom English isn’t your first language. Come and improve your fluency in spoken and written English.

The classes can help you to apply for visas and progress into work, training or higher education. Progression to IELTS courses is also available through the Centre.

To register please ring 01952 277777 or email


11 Sep 2019


British Sign Language Beginners Course 

University Centre Telford is offering a BSL Beginners course from 11th Sep for 24 weeks. The cost will be £150 for each unit. 
This qualification is designed to teach learners to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language (BSL) on a range of topics that involve simple, everyday language use. They will gain basic skills and confidence in production and reception of BSL.

The qualification is divided into three units, each of which can be achieved separately. Learners who are new to BSL should cover BSL101 first, as units BSL102 and BSL103 build on this knowledge. Units BSL102 and BSL103 can be taken in any order.

If you wish to find out more information regarding Signature and this course please use the link below:

Every Wednesday evening



Knitting group

We have set up a Knitting Group at the Centre which is on the 3rd Floor of the Southwater Building. It is for those who are experienced knitters and for those who are keen to learn. We started by responding to an appeal from the Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust for colourful woollen blankets for patients with dementia to help them find their way back to bed more easily during a stay in hospital. The group's aims are learning crafts, forging friendships and supporting well-being. Everybody welcome. You will need size 8 or 4mm needles double knit and bright colour wool, we will provide some as well. The blankets can be up to 3 ft square.

Contact us on 01952 277777 or email us to join the group.


05 Mar 2020


Public Lecture by Dr Louise Fenton - The Age of Fire: Witchcraft in Seventeenth Century Iceland

The persecution and execution of Witches and Witchcraft are widely documented throughout Europe. What is less documented is Witchcraft in Iceland during the seventeenth century. Whereas many accusations throughout Europe were against women, in Iceland the gender balance was different, the majority of those accused were men; women were deemed to be scientific whereas men could be magical. Dr Louise Fenton of the University of Wolverhampton will discuss how the Witch-craze reached the remote shores of Iceland and will disclose the accusations and punishment, the spells, the magic books and symbols and how witchcraft is represented today. This is a fully illustrated talk based on research that Dr Louise Fenton has undertaken to introduce the history of Icelandic Witchcraft.
Suitable for 13+ (due to the description of the accusations and executions)

Places are FREE but need to be pre-booked. To register, please contact us on 01952 277777 or or book through Eventbrite:


06 Mar 2020


IELTS prep course 

International Academy is offering an IELTS Preparation Course at University Centre Telford which can help you improve your general Academic English skills and prepare you for the Cambridge IELTS exam.
The Cambridge IELTS test is required for those wishing to study a degree in the UK.
**Please note** this is a preparation course only; the IELTS exam must be booked and paid for independently at a registered IELTS Test Centre. A writing task is required before enrolling onto the course.
A writing task needs to be completed before accepting onto the course.
Duration: 10 week course, 2 hours per week
Cost: £175 (subject to minimum numbers)
No lesson during Easter holidays.
To find out more, please ring 01952 277777 or email: or send us a message on Facebook.


09 Mar 2020


Public Lecture by Rhys Lincoln - Strength and Conditioning

This session will look at strength and conditioning and the benefits runners can gain from incorporating strength and conditioning into their marathon training in order to improve performance and reduce injury risk. Attendees will gain an insight into practical training methods, exercise techniques and drills that can be integrated into their distance running training programmes.
Places are FREE but need to be pre-booked. To register, please contact us on 01952 277777 or or book through Eventbrite:


16 Mar 2020


Anti-Knife Crime - Public Lecture

Anti-knife campaigner Alison Cope is the mother of Joshua Ribera who was murdered in 2013. Since Joshua's death Alison has worked tirelessly to share her son's life and death story to educate young people about the real consequences of youth violence.

Alison and Josh's compelling story, coupled with her unique ability to connect with young people has led to her reaching 1000's of young people each week with her positive messages to help change lives. She is the Pride of Birmingham Winner 2015.

Alison’s work has helped to safeguard over a quarter of a million young people throughout mainstream schools, pupil referral units, colleges, universities, prisons, alternative providers and youth services with her deeply moving and poignant message of anti-violence and positive life choices.
Come and listen to Alison speak, tickets are free.
You can also visit the iconic Knife Angel which will be in Southwater Square throughout the month of March.
**This talk is suitable for 13 Years +

Places are FREE but need to be pre-booked. To register, please contact us on 01952 277777 or or book through Eventbrite:


03 Apr 2020



Public Lecture by Dr Hamid Ohadi - Playing with weird quantum fluids and making them do things

Physics broadly studies two types of objects: light and matter. In modern physics, where everything comes down to "particles", this gives rise to force-carrying particles, the bosons, of which the photons—the particles of light—are the most famous examples, as well as a wealth of material particles (electrons, nucleons, together forming atoms, etc.) One of the
greatest success of Physics was to describe the interactions between these particles, in particular the interaction between light and matter (quantum electrodynamics). In the low-energy, non-relativistic limit, known as quantum optics, one can bring one photon to interact strongly with one material excitation, thus giving rise to new objects which are
neither light nor matter but a mixture of both, inheriting their opposite characteristics, such as lightspeed propagation and very strong interactions. Dr. Hamid Ohadi, who leads the Quantum Fluids of Light group in the University of Saint Andrews, will introduce these strange quantum objects and show how, by condensing them into fluids, he can manage to make them perform fascinating tricks in his laboratory, opening new venues of fundamental research and promising ground-breaking applications.


07 Apr 2020



STEM workshop by STEM team from University of Wolverhampton - CSI Journey 



08 Apr 2020


Public Lecture by Professor Dieter Steinert - “Our only way is work” – The Łódź Ghetto, 1940-1944

The Łódź Ghetto was one of the longest existing ghettos in German occupied Eastern Europe. It was created in early 1940; and it was only in late summer 1944 that the last groups of Jews were deported from Łódź to Auschwitz. The lecture will explore the importance of labour for the survival of the ghetto until 1944; the role of the head of the Jewish Council, Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski; and last but not least the fate of the children.


15 Apr 2020



STEM workshop by STEM team from University of Wolverhampton -  Fantastic Fossils



All places must be pre-booked.  To register for any of the above, please ring on 01952 277777 or email on