12 Courses with 100% Satisfaction

Each year, the National Students Survey (NSS) asks our students what they think of their course, and in 2016 we had our best ever results!

Here are twelve courses which achieved 100% satisfaction with their students.

1. Children’s Nursing

Nursing Procession

Our student nurses have a demanding time of it – with over 4,600 hours of clinical practice and in the classroom, but we’re clearly doing something right with 100% satisfaction for our BNurs (Hons) Children’s Nursing cohort.

Achieve your calling with one of our health courses.

2. Civil and Environmental Engineering

Visit to Springfield Site Groundbreaking

Our BSc (Hons) Civil and Environmental Engineering students may be the future builders of dams, reservoirs, bridges, buildings, flood defences, harbours and more, but we’ve been busy building our satisfaction rating to this year’s 100%.

Build your environment with us.

3. Education Studies

Student teaching in school

There’s more to education than teaching, as our Education Studies students well know.

The professional relevance of their course can lead to a satisfying range of careers, to add to their 100% satisfaction rate while at Wolverhampton.

4. English

Students and staff mingling

English. The Power of Words. With our latest group of BA (Hons) English students 100% satisfied with their course, we’re delivering something equally powerful, equipping them with the skills to pursue a multitude of careers which acknowledge the importance of what we say and how we say it.

Find your way with words

5. Family and Community Studies

We all know how important family and community are, and it’s the support of the community here at Wolverhampton that has contributed to our Family and Community Studies students being 100% satisfied.

Hear from Lisa Harrison about how she juggled family and studies to get to graduation

6. Mathematics 

Student reading an iPad

Studying at the University of Wolverhampton has added up to 100% satisfaction for our BSc (Hons) Mathematics students.

With accreditation from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and world-leading experts in the department, discover what else makes our School of Mathematics and Computer Science so successful. 

7. Music

Can’t get no satisfaction? Whether they love Steinway or My Way, our BMus (Hons) Music students have found their way to 100% satisfaction.

The inspiring lecturers and outstanding facilities at our Walsall Campus’s Performance Hub have played their part to make our students happy, confident, and satisfied.

8. Photography

Ensuring our BA (Hons) Photography students develop all the right skills is just one of the reasons our camera-loving cohort is once again 100% satisfied!

Put yourself in the picture with Photography at Wolverhampton.

9. and 10. Psychology 

With both our BSc (Hons) Psychology (Counselling Psychology) and BSc (Hons) Psychology (Criminal Behaviour) courses gaining 100% satisfaction, you don’t need to be able to read minds to know that our students are a happy bunch.

Find out why

11. Tourism Management

Students outside Arena Theatre

Studying Tourism Management can lead to a satisfying career – but your studies should be satisfying too. 100% satisfying.

If you’re thinking of joining us, let BA (Hons) Tourism Management students graduate Charlotte Homer give you her top tips!

12. Visual Communications (Illustration)

Illustration by Sarah Jane Bartlett

Communication can take many forms, and the artists that communicate through the medium of illustration are among our happiest.

Find out more about our (BA) Hons Visual Communications (Illustration) course and be inspired by our students’ work