Sandwich Courses

At the University of Wolverhampton we are committed to giving you the very best chance to succeed in the job market, which is why we offer our students a range of sandwich degree courses.

Sandwich degree courses are three undergraduate degree programmes which include a yearlong work placement in industry. Typically, students on sandwich courses complete 2 years of their degree, and then undertake a related work placement in industry for a year. During this time you are able to utilise knowledge gained as part of your studies in a real work environment to gain ‘hands on’ experience. Following your year in industry, you will return to University to complete your final year of study.

Many universities still expect students to pay fees even when they are working in industry on placement. When you study at the University of Wolverhampton, we won’t expect you to pay fees for your placement year.

Benefits of studying a sandwich degree course:

  • gain real life ‘practical’ experience in your chosen area of study
  • increase your employability
  • earn a salary from the employer during your placement
  • network with people in your chosen industry
  • can lead to paid employment with the organisation after graduation

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