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Sandwich Courses

We offer a wide range of degree courses with an employability-boosting sandwich year option.

A sandwich degree undergraduate programme includes a year-long work placement in industry – and you don’t pay full tuition fees for that year, only £1,200 (for 2019/20). 

Typically, on a sandwich course you study the first two years of your degree at University, then complete a ‘sandwich’ year in a work placement that’s related to your degree. You’ll be earning a salary from your employer at the same time as boosting your employment credentials. You’ll utilise knowledge gained in your studies in a real work environment to gain hands-on experience. 

Following your year in industry, you return to University to complete your final year(s) of study.

Benefits of studying a sandwich degree course:

  • Gain real-life, practical experience in your chosen area of study.
  • Increase your employability.
  • Earn a salary from the employer during your placement.
  • Network with people in your chosen industry.
  • Can lead to paid employment with the organisation after graduation.

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