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Joint Honours

At the University of Wolverhampton we offer a fantastic joint honours degree programme which offers you the flexibility to study two subject areas of interest. The subjects you select to study can be complementary or completely different.

Why might you choose to study a joint honours course?

  • you have two subject areas of interest
  • you want to explore something new alongside a core subject area
  • you want to keep your career options open to a range of professions
  • study two subject areas required for a specific job
  • joint honours are valued highly by employers as students have a wider range of skills
  • provide opportunities for research or further study at postgraduate level

How does a joint honours degree work?

Students studying towards a joint honours degree divide their time between the two subject areas of choice. At the University of Wolverhampton students are required to study 6 x 20 credit modules per year. Joint honours degree students select their modules from both subject areas.

Students studying towards a joint honours degree have access to the same facilities, face to face and independent study time, as well as opportunities for blended learning as single honours students.