University Faith Societies

Christian Union Society

The Wolverhampton University Christian Union society is a community of students of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities who meet on campus.  We hang out, laugh, eat together, whilst keeping God at the fore front of our lives.

We want to encourage and support students as they live out their faith and seek to tell others about Jesus.

Whether you are a Christian, a curious individual or just want to make new friends come along and be welcomed. 

Please email us to find out where we will be and what is planned for that week.  During the course of the year we will be learning and encouraging each other to live everyday to the full, for God.

Get in contact if you have a question about the society or would like to know more. The Christian Union is supported by Josh Jackson of UCCF.

Deeper Life Campus Fellowship (DLCF)

Deeper Life Campus Fellowship (DLCF) group is a dynamic student group focussed on enhancing the spiritual, social, academic and career experience of students so that they can develop holistically, achieve social relevance and professional fulfilment.

The DLCF is a student society affiliated to a registered UK charity.  DLCF is currently registered in midland universities like University of Wolverhampton,  Birmingham City University and Coventry University.  The society provides support to university students focussing on areas such as faith, relationships, academic, career mentorship and musical concerts.

We meet every Friday at the Chaplaincy 6.30pm - 9.00pm

English Corner

We are a group of people who gather every Tuesday at the Chaplaincy, from 6 pm to 9 pm.  We take time out from assignments and busy schedule to spend some time to meet new friends and at the same time to study the Bible together.  We begin with dinner at 6 pm; and thereafter followed by singing songs in Mandarin and English, and then Bible Study on biblical books as well as some interesting topics that concern our lives.  Though those who attend are majority Chinese, we do welcome students from all walks of life.  In fact the discussion is conducted mainly in English.

Islamic Society

The university of Wolverhampton Islamic Society is open to all students, muslims and non-muslims. The society commits itself to all members of the University an strives to be the voice of muslims students on University and union level. We provide services that facilitate the practises of muslims faith and raise awareness of Islamic belief amongst all people. 'The society exists to uphold Islamic teachings in accordance with Al-Quran and Sunnah of the last and final Prophet, Muhammad (SAWS).The Islamic society organise many charity events, talks and social activities. Membership is open to all students regardless of faith, creed or background and is free.


Mahamudra Buddhist Mindfulness and Meditation Group

In a relaxed atmosphere of lively discussion fuelled by plenty of hot tea and biscuits, each fortnight we explore some of the 'big questions' about life from the Buddhist perspective. This is followed by a regular of period of prayer, creative visualisation and tranquil abiding.

Participation is free and open to everyone.

Currently meeting every Wednesday evenings, 7:00 - 9pm.

For more information call William on 07587-246095, or email:

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Desire of Nation

Welcome to RCCG Desire of Nation!  We are a spiritually vibrant and interdenominational campus Christian fellowship.  Our vision is to reach every soul at the University of Wolverhampton with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.  We are fully committed to raising a people with unshakeable commitment to holiness and a passion for Godliness, a people to whom excellence in life is not just an aspiration but a mandate. 

We commenced regular Sunday services at the Chaplaincy Centre in early 2009 and since then we have seen people of all backgrounds come back to faith with various testimonies, miracles, signs and wonders following.  Please make the time to attend our Spirit filled services every Sunday at 9 am.  Your miracle is on the way!

Parish Pastor - Dr Nonye Ezeah

Sikh Society

Wolverhampton Sikh Society is a Religious society based at the University of Wolverhampton, City Campus.  We recieve absolutely no funding whatsoever and run completely on membership fee's and donations (Sewa).  Membership is open to any student at the University of Wolverhampton, you don't have to be a Sikh to join.  All events are also open to the public, unless stated otherwise. 

Supported by British Organisation of Sikh students (BOSS) we provide students with literature and the choice to attend interactive lectures so they can widen their understanding on the Sikh Faiths.  Many students from the past recommend joining as it's a good sociable society which adds something new to the University experience.

Our main aims are:

  • create a more positive social atmoshphere for first year students
  • provide comprehensive talks about Sikhism, both educational and inspirational
  • encourage members to progress both Educationally and Spiritually
  • encourage sports sessions for both genders
  • maintain strong links with other societies, and the University
  • interlink with other Sikh societies across the West Midlands
  • have several events or trips each semester

For further information, please email: Wolverhampton Sikh Society