Support for Estranged students

Coming to university is a big step and many students who have support from their families find it a daunting decision and an even bigger commitment.  For those who do not have that support network, who are 18 to 24 and have no communicative relationship with either living biological parent, or often their wider family, it’s an even more huge life choice change. At the University of Wolverhampton we are here to help and support your university career from pre-entry all the way through to graduation.

Kirsty Dorward is our Head of Student Experience Projects and our named contact for students who find themselves in need of this additional guidance.

You may also want to check out a useful webpage from UCAS: Going it alone? Support for estranged students in higher education



"We’re really pleased to have been awarded a £30,000 bursary over the next three years from  the National Express Foundation.  This additional grant will be used to assist 60 first year estranged students who have no support from, or have been disowned by their family – especially those who experience more severe financial and emotional difficulties than other students.

“We know a modest amount of financial help can make a huge difference to people, enabling them to progress their studies and further their ambitions.  The University has agreed to match this funding during the students’ first year and we will continue to offer financial support throughout the duration of their course.


“It’s wonderful to see one of our major, local employers contributing assistance in this way and without a doubt this will help to make a real difference to this group of vulnerable students.”

Jon Elsmore
Dean of Students

What we offer

  • You can also apply to the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund for a bursary of £1000 per academic year.
  • Finance advice to help you apply for all you are entitled to and work out a budget to suit your needs.
  • A guaranteed offer of University-allocated accommodation (52 week accommodation is available).
  • Access to a student mentor and online mentoring support.
  • Access to all our student support services.


Stand Alone
 is a charity that supports people who are estranged from their families and can provide advice and support. 
They also offer support groups across the country that provide a non-judgemental space where you can share thoughts and experiences with others in a similar position together.