Tutor Awareness Sheet

The Tutor Awareness Sheet (TAS) outlines the adjustments that academic staff and service departments are required to make based on the individual needs and assessment of students with physical, psychological or sensory impairments.

The TAS is available as a confidential electronic document on e:Vision providing clear details of recommended adjustments for Teaching & Learning, Examinations & In-Class test arrangements as well as requirements within Residential Services, Learning & Information Centres and plans for emergency evacuations (PEEPs).

Students are encouraged to confirm that their recommendations outlined within their TAS is accurate and are encouraged to contact the SSW as early as possible if there are discrepancies to the support.

A TAS is made available to Faculty Enabling Tutor, Module Leaders, and relevant staff members within service departments. Staff access to the TAS is available on a confidential ‘need to know’ basis and every effort is made to ensure that only relevant information concerning reasonable adjustments is communicated.

An example of what your TAS will look like can be seen below:

Tutor awareness sheet