Time sheet approval process

Time sheet approval process

Stage  Process Description
Stage 1.    Provide medical evidence Once you provide the Student Enabling Centre with valid medical evidence of your disability, interim support will be put in place for you. As long as you are eligible, you will need to apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowance in order to cover the costs of the support. 
Stage 2.    You will receive an email with dates of when to come in to approve support

 When you receive any type of Non-medical helper support (Note taking, one-to-one tuition, etc…) from ourselves, the Student Enabling Centre, you will be required every couple of months to come in and approve the support you have received for that particular period of time.

A notification email will be sent out to you with the dates for you to come in. You will then need to come in sometime during the dates outlined to check and approve your support.

Stage 3.   

Please come in during dates given to
approve or query your support

Any support that you do not agree with will be checked with the Support Worker and amended if necessary. 

Once the timesheet is approved, you have done everything that you need to. This will then enable us to send this to your funding body to claim the costs back for the support you have received.

Stage 4.    Wait for email for next timesheet approval

It is vital that you approve your timesheets as without this, we cannot claim the money back for your support.

If you do not come in to look at your timesheet to either approve or query the times shown, this may jeopardise future support.

Please bear in mind that this process will happen every 2-3 months throughout the year so please keep a look out for the emails from us.


Stage 2, 3 and 4              


Stages 2, 3 and 4 will be repeated every couple of months throughout the academic year, you will be notified with an automated email which will provide you of information on when to come in and sign; information on our opening times will also be mentioned.

We will be available in different campus as well, this will be mentioned within the email.