Translation service

We would like to let you know about a new service we are trialling to all D/deaf and hard of hearing students - Translation service

  • Are you confused by assignment briefs?
  • Do you have problems understanding an extract you have been given to read?
  • Do you need this information translated to BSL?

Bookings can be made by placing your appointment through this calendar.

Remember this is a trial you can only book 30 minute session on Tuesday between 4pm - 6pm only.

How to book:                                                       

  1. Click on the 'Calendar' link to start booking your appointment.
  2. You can only make bookings on Tuesday 4pm - 6pm (we are trialling this)
  3. Click on the day when you want to this service. (Remember only Tuesday 4pm to 6pm).
  4. In the 'title' write the translation you require e.g.) "Book translation"
  5. In the 'when' select an open time slot on Tuesday
  6. (optional) un Select 'All-day' to choose from a 30 minute slot
  7. In the calendar please choose either Louise (blue) or Debra (red) whichever is available.
  8. In the 'who' please write in your name and student number.
  9. In 'where' the translators will book a venue.

If you wish to cancel please email SEC@wlv.ac.uk with the subject heading "30 minute translation cancellation” please state your name and number so the correct appointment is cancelled.