Telford Campus accessibility

Approaching the campus

Visit Map and directions for Telford Campus(opens in a new window) to find out where we are, how to get here, and to download maps of the campus.


A number of reserved parking spaces are available marked ‘SEC’. These are reserved for students who have mobility issues but don’t quite qualify under the national blue badge scheme. To register and receive a SEC permit, please contact Student Support & Wellbeing, ext 321074 or

The list below shows the location of disabled parking provision. Telford has no dedicated Student Support & Wellbeing spaces because demand has not warranted provision.


Spaces available

Parking spaces between SA and Halls

Two spaces

Main car park

Four spaces

Accessible buildings



SA Lift to all floors
SB Lift to all floors 
SC  Lift to all floors 

SH Priorslee Hall

No access for wheel chair users; limited access for people with mobility problems 

SH Students’ Union

Access to all areas


Access to ground floor only

Directions to the lift

SA Building - Through the main doors and the lift is on the right hand side just past the reception

SA Learning Centre - Through the main doors the lift is on the right hand side

SB Building - Across from the SA the lift is on the right of the stairs

SC Building - Through the main doors and the lift is on the left before the fire door.

Induction loop system

The following rooms have induction loops fitted. Note that the University also uses the Deaf Alerter system.

BuildingRoom with induction loop/Name of room


Lecture Theatre






Learning Centre




Priorslee Hall Reception

Accessible toilets

Disabled toilets are located in the following buildings:



SA Building

SA016, SA059, SA105, SA203, SA220

SB Building

SB101, SB201

SC Building SC024, SC104, SC204
SH SH008 Students' Union

In case of an emergency evacuation

Can you leave the building unaided in the event of an emergency evacuation?

  • Yes - Leave by the nearest available exit and make your way to the Assembly Point
  • No - Make your way to your nearest available Refuge Point. Use the communication point to contact Operations Division to tell them where you are, following the instruction notice on the wall.

Fire refuge points


Fire refuge point

SA Building Outside lift area first and second floors
Learning Centre Second Floor Main Stairs outside SA208


Stair Case for one wheel chair user, first and second floors

SC 1st floor

Stair case adjacent to SC110 and SC119

SC 2nd floor

Stair case adjacent to SC 210, SC211 and SC211


If you are informed that the evacuation is a non-emergency situation ie. false alarm, remain where you are and await further instructions from Operations Division staff.

If you are informed that the evacuation is a REAL EMERGENCY, try to remain calm and await further instructions, this may involve evacuation from the Refuge by trained members of the Operations Team by evacuation chair.

Remember that throughout the emergency you can keep in constant contact with Operations via the Communications point.

First Aid

The first aid room is located in Room SA009a. If you require access to the First Aid room the assistance of a First Aider or need to report an accident contact Telford Campus reception.