Telford Campus Learning Centre Accessibility

The rotating entrance door of the Telford Learning Centre is at pavement level without a step. It can be bypassed by a standard door if required. There is an external electric bell push to summon staff help if needed. Access is also available directly from the Refectory, and Main reception, on the same level.

The Learning Centre is modern and accessible throughout by wheelchair users. There are two floors. The first floor of the Learning Centre is reached via a lift . The lift has an 1,100mm wide entrance, low-placed buttons with Braille and a voice floor announcement system. There are no other changes in level.

Book shelving is well spaced so that wheelchairs can gain access to all areas. Staff are happy to help disabled students who cannot reach the top shelves.

All PCs are accessible to ordinary manual wheelchair, but higher motorized ones may have problems fitting under the desktops. Staff will help disabled users to find suitable PCs if the Learning Centre is very full.

A disabled toilet exists in the Learning Centre on each floor. The ground floor disabled toilet is accessed with a RADAR key.

The large lecture theatre (not in the Learning Centre) and the lending services desk area have induction loops for hearing impaired people. There is a deaf-alerter system in the Learning Centre.

The Learning Centre has a Special Support Room with a dedicated workstation for wheelchair users. The workstation holds a computer which runs Dragon Naturally Speaking Software, which transcribes speech into written text on the computer. There is also a CCTV enlarger, the same as the one held at Harrison Learning Centre.

A copycard for dyslexic students is available from the desk. Group study rooms and the Special Support room can be booked by dyslexic students if required.

Emergency exits from the first floor are down staircases. The top landing of the stairs at first floor level has been designated as a safe refuge for wheelchair users in case of fire until they are evacuated from the building.