City Campus Harrison Learning Centre Accessibility

Harrison Learning Centre has good access to all floors via a lift that is usable by electric wheelchairs.

General facilities

  • There is turnstile entrance controlled by swipe card. Your identity card will also open the self-opening wide gate.
  • The building conforms with BS5810:1979 for internal and external openings
  • The lift and toilets have Braille coding
  • Emergency exits are down staircases. The Harrison Learning Centre has landings on three of the emergency staircases that can be considered refuges in case of fire. Refuge status is under review by the University
  • Disabled toilets are available on all levels
  • Fire and emergency warning - individual students can ask for vibrating alarms from the University. These are free


  • Low level buttons with Braille are provided in and outside the lift, and there is plain speech floor information.
  • A smaller backup lift is available to students with mobility difficulties if needed; apply at reception.
  • The new lift has an 1,100 mm entrance, low-placed buttons with Braille, and a voice floor announcement system. The lift will accommodate most powered wheelchairs and scooters, being 2.2 metres square internally.


  • Book shelving is well spaced in most areas (over 4 feet or 1.3 metres) for wheelchair access, but some of the shelves cannot be reached from a wheelchair because of their height.
  • Wheelchair access to PCs exists but is limited, but there is a new adaptive technology room on the top floor and some workstations with disability priority generally available.
  • Staff will move away chairs from PC tables on request, although other students tend to replace the chairs later

Study facilities

  • Braille can be created in small amounts within the Learning Centre; larger runs can be created by an agency if time is available. These services are not charged to the student.
  • Carrels are available for booking. Some are slightly larger and more accessible to wheelchairs. Priority access is negotiable.


  • Includes Adaptive Technology Room on third floor, plus additional facilities on the ground floor, featuring computer workstations with adjustable-height tables and other specialised equipment.
  • Dolphin software is available for the enlarging of text and to verbalize it.

For dyslexic students

  • A CCTV enlarger with a range of colour backgrounds and foregrounds is available to enlarge text. The enlarged text can help students with limited vision, and the alternative colours can help people with some forms of dyslexia
  • Dyslexia: Group study rooms can be booked for individual dyslexic students who need to vocalize what they are learning
  • A copycard for dyslexic students is available from the desk, available on production of a letter from Student Enabling Centre