Campus accessibility

Find out about accessibility across the University's four main campuses - and additional facilities at Burton-Upon-Trent.

The campus you attend depends on the course you have chosen - you can find this out from our course finder, but always confirm the campus with the relevant School teaching your course.

Find out more about accessibility and egress across our campuses for:

Whilst our newer sites are accessible, some of our older sites are still undergoing improvement. If you are in any doubt, please contact Student Support & Wellbeing.

Check out Disabled Go

DisabledGo is the only international disabled access information guide that

  • researches every venue in person and on site
  • involves disabled people from start to finish

Our profile gives detailed access information about campuses to diabled students looking to go to university.

Access our profile on DisabledGo

These Access Guides have been specially designed to answer the everyday questions of disabled people, their assistants, carers, family and friends.