Under Two's Room - Our Babies

A team of qualified staff work specifically with the babies, building relationships with both baby and parent so that both feel happy and confident in our care. The staff work closely with parents to ensure that wherever possible, the baby will follow its own established routine of feeding, sleeping and changing times to ensure continuity of care.  Our dedicated baby roomprovides activities and opportunities for learning through play, exploration and social interaction. Activities include treasure baskets, sand, water, gloop, sensory play, musical instruments, painting, action rhymes, push along toys.  A record is kept of the child’s activities during the day, including sleep patterns, nappy changes and meals, this is shared with parent’s on a daily basis.

Reporting on your child's development

Each child is allocated a key person who will help your child to settle into nursery and monitor your child's progress in all areas of development by compiling an Early Years Profile.  

Your child's Profile is available for parents to view at any time.

The nursery holds a parents' evening to discuss your child's development each academic year.

You will receive a written report on your child's development each year.

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