What is Counselling?

Coming to counselling is about making a positive choice to get help from someone who is not involved in any aspect of your life.

Counselling offers you the chance to focus on and understand your difficulties.

The counsellors will listen, offer support and understanding, while at the same time be accepting of your values, attitudes and life-style in a non-judgemental way.

Help is offered in developing your strengths, making decisions and developing the skills and resources to cope. As counsellors, we help you to find the answers.

Counselling is part of the University’s Student Services, and is free of charge to all students of the University, whether you are an undergraduate or post-graduate, full-time or part-time, International or home student. Whatever your background we offer help in a confidential environment .

All counselling is confidential except when someone is in serious danger. In these rare instances we will discuss any potential break in confidentiality with you (see Confidentiality and Recordkeeping).

Counselling can help prevent small problems becoming much bigger than they need to be, especially if addressed early, so if you think you want to see a counsellor make an appointment, or use the drop-in facility.