Students studying overseas

Arrangements for students studying on programmes delivered overseas

University Counselling Service

The Counselling Service provides a variety of ways to help students of the University, particularly with emotional and personal issues.

For those living outside of the UK our web pages are probably the most useful source of support. For these you can visit

Once there click on the Helping yourself section.  Here you will find helpful information which particularly relates to students’ issues and problems, for example our Self-help leaflets. In these leaflets we have addressed some of the issues students face, whether they are study-related, or to do with personal or emotional difficulties.  Take a look as there might be something there for you, we have approximately 30 topics covered.

We also offer suggestions as to how you can help yourself on a daily basis; things you can do for yourself in Tackling stressful situations;  as well as tips on Managing exam and deadline stress

In addition, we have included links to some Online self-help programmes for you to work through, to help manage your moods.

If you feel you need further help with your personal issues, you could also try contacting your local sources of support; family and friends or perhaps your doctor.