Suitability for Online Counselling

*Can online counselling be used if a person is suicidal or has serious problems?*

We are unable to provide online ‘real time’ or ‘email’ counselling if you are feeling actively suicidal or engaging in serious self-harm. In these circumstances we prefer to offer more active support, and hence, believe that it is best for you to access face-to-face counselling support within our Service, possibly in conjunction with your local GP/psychological services, with help you are already receiving, or even with a visit to A and E.

**Is online counselling viable and suitable for all students?**

There will be some students for whom a text-based service written in English is not suitable, (e.g. students whose first language is not English). For some, their screen technology may not be compatible with the platforms we have used.

There may be others, such as students with specific mental health needs or potentially risky behaviour, (e.g. heavy alcohol or drug use), whose needs would be better addressed and supported using a face-to-face service.