Keeping you secure

Record Keeping

As part of our systematic and professional approach to counselling, the University Counselling Service has record-keeping procedures in place. These procedures conform to the Data Protection Act (1998).

When you register with us for counselling we will request some factual information (including gender, age, course, source of referral, etc.), which we use to compile anonymous statistics.

In addition to this you will be asked for the name and address of your doctor, and your student id number. The former is just a precaution in the case of an emergency and the latter is to ensure only students registered with the University use the Service, but both must be provided before counselling can start. This information will not be stored or be available in any way by us on the Internet.

You are responsible for the security of any records or ‘history’ you keep. (See Confidentiality)

Hard (paper) copies of the chat/meeting, email exchange and any correspondence will be kept in line with the procedures for face to face counselling: in files, in secure cabinets for five years and then disposed of securely. All information will be treated in strict confidence and in accordance with relevant legal requirements relating to the Data Protection Act (1998). With notice, users of the University Counselling Service have a right of access to their records, subject to certain legal limitations.

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