We place great importance on making sure that information learned through counselling is kept confidential to the University Counselling Service, within the University of Wolverhampton.

We aim to provide a secure and confidential service and take reasonable steps to protect your privacy.

We cannot guarantee 100% security as we have limited control over your actions or the actions of third parties.

All counselling is conducted in accordance with the Ethical Framework for Good Practice devised by our professional body, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Any correspondence will be kept confidential to the University Counselling Service and data processed according to the University Counselling Service and the University of Wolverhampton procedures. If, in exceptional circumstances, we have concerns for your safety or the safety of another, (e.g. severe, immediate, or long term harm to self or another), we would contact you to let you know we may need to take these concerns outside of the University Counselling Service. At all times we will respect your views and concerns and only disclose information necessary to assist in your safe keeping/well-being, and that of others.

All counsellors receive regular clinical supervision, to promote good counselling practice. The identity of any client using the Service is not revealed in this process. Clinical supervisors are also members of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy or a similar professional body and follow the same professional guidelines as your counsellor.

There are some situations when we are required by law to pass on information, e.g. acts of terrorism. We will abide by the law.

All correspondence and counsellor notes is printed and stored manually, in a locked filing cabinet.

All manually stored documents will be disposed of securely/shredded after five years.

In the same way that information you provide to your counsellor is treated confidentially, so too should the communications you receive from the University Counselling Service. As with face to face work, what takes place between the client and counsellor is important, and it is essential that the relationship does not become distorted by material being used out of context. Therefore all communications from us to you are for your benefit and not for further publication, modification, sharing or distribution (in compliance with intellectual property rights).

If you would like more information about confidentiality please ask your counsellor.