How can you help as a parent?

For most these feelings will pass; however, for some parents it can be a challenging time as you are often the first to hear of your son’s/daughter’s/family member’s anxieties. And it can be very hard for parents because often you do not feel able to do anything to improve their situation.

What you can do though is listen, let them express their feelings and concerns. It can be very reassuring just to be reminded that you care.

In addition, perhaps you could encourage them to take a step back from the situation and get them to think of ways they can help themselves.

You can remind them too that what they are feeling is ‘normal’ – starting university can be an exhausting and unsettling time physically and emotionally.

It can be helpful to get them to consider how they have coped with situations in the past.

It is a bit of a cliché but time can help. It might take a little while for them to meet like-minded people, feel settled and start to know their way around, but new beginnings are like that.

You could encourage them to join in the various clubs and societies available – always a good way of meeting people.

Routines and a good balance between work and play are helpful.

The majority of students do settle down into university life.