Counselling Services: Information for parents of new students

The University Counselling Service's team has some useful information for parents of new students.

As parents we react in a variety of ways in response to one of our family going off to university.

These different reactions may reflect how it was for us when we went to university; it could be that this is your first son/daughter/family member coming into higher education; for some parents there could be thoughts that you can’t wait for them to go; while others can’t imagine life without them!

You can be left wondering what they are doing; will they cope; are they making the ‘right’ sort of friends; how will they handle the new tasks ahead?

Settling in

And so it is with your son/daughter/family member, they will each have a variety of thoughts and feelings during these early weeks at university. This is quite natural – transitions and changes evoke many different reactions.

It is not uncommon for your son/daughter/family member to feel homesick and unsure; to be wondering about whether they have made the right decision to be here or whether they have chosen the right course; to be concerned about whether they can manage without you or their usual support networks.

Will they be able to make new friends? Will they be able to do the work? Will they fit in? How will they cope financially? These are common worries at this time of the year.

What you can do